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1949 Crosley Hotshot

1949 Crosley Hotshot

Powel Crosley built affordable radios, invented shelving for refrigerator doors and owned a baseball team. He couldn’t master the auto industry, though. The 1949 Crosley Hotshot was America’s first sports car after World War II. It quickly earned a reputation for being small, ugly and dangerous. After three years of meager Hotshot sales, Powel Crosley got out of the car business for good.

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  1. Girl catcher says:

    I owned a Crosley 1949 hot shot and when i came home from school all the girls wanted a ride in my little Crosley ! It was a cool little car !

  2. brick963 says:

    LOL it’s like a Jeep sports car.

  3. HONDA487 says:


  4. trainman44 says:

    looks cool

  5. Pedro 27 says:

    Wheres the windshield!?

  6. weird'o 101 says:

    it looks even more dangerous then a cobra….(and i don’t even think that the cobra had a radio it was a very simple car a very fast but simple car)… i mean at least the cobra had

  7. mario 64 says:

    it’s ok

  8. ttt says:

    ugly, yo man

  9. mikey says:

    looks like a modified model t

  10. ford 291 says:


  11. balerina says:


  12. jrod says:

    The thing doesn’t even have doors. :(

  13. lightscout says:


  14. sd33 says:

    looks like hes gonna fall thru the ‘doors’.

  15. the scout says:

    Tought fast but small it would mak a go clown car!

  16. trent991 says:


  17. boyscoutoa says:

    i own a crosley hotshot 1 station wagon a panel delivery two sedans and a pickup all crosley also a stove and multiple radios they are nice little cars and appliances powell crosley started making appliances after he made cars because he went to buy a radio for his son but was mad at the $75 price tag thought he could better and made $7 radios for the masses then he made other stuff
    also his factory had the biggest radio tubes ever made which were a couple stories tall and they heated the factory in the winter off the heat from the tubes the radio could broadcast halfway around the world and they could only use it on weekends because it would override all other radio stations in the are a but the cool part is that during WWII we sent cribbage boards to p.o.w.s with metal pegs and other items the inside of the cribbage board was a radio and with the pegs and other pieces they could make a headset and put the pegs in specific holes then they got a radio that picked up the signals from crosley’s massive radio we would then send the messages

    • Mama Wulf says:

      Cool info love the radios for pows story thanks.

    • car nerd says:

      Where on earth did you find all that information?!?!?! Wicked stuff, it just shows how biased the articles are. If it says “Bad Cars”, then they will only give info on why the car and/or designer was bad

  18. kyletheterrorizer says:

    Geez, this guy driving this car must be speeding, ’cause it looks like he’s going 95 miles per hour, and the speed limit must be 30.

  19. Higuy19 says:

    Ah, your average bad car.:l

  20. The Man with the Banjo says:

    Actually corvette was the first american sports car…… :P

    • williejoel says:

      Sorry to disagree, but Corvette didn’t come into existence until 1953 – 4 years after the Crosley. I guess it depends on what your definition of sportscar is.

      • simswim99 says:

        yeah, corvette did come out in 1953 and this one came out in 1949 so that’s four years. But I don’t think this junk is a sports car so your kind of right.

      • caveman says:

        Crosley won the 12 Hours of Sebring back in the day, long before the first Corvette ever saw a race track. If you could read the test articles from the era, you would see that the Crosley was seen as a very capable and true sports car compared to the european makes of that time. Since the Hot Shot does not belong on the “Worst Cars” list, Mr. Riddell obviously did not do proper research before writing this article.

    • 71 nova says:

      true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. leopard16 says:

    looks like a golf cart

  22. hf,ygl says:

    i bet they never knew about doors at this time

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