The 16 Worst Cars in History

1958 Zunndapp Janus

1958 Zunndapp Janus

Germany’s Zunndapp company specialized in motorcycles before jumping into the car business with its 1958 Janus. The results were less than impressive. The Janus traveled at top speeds of only 50 miles per hour, using only 14 horsepower. The rear-facing back seat was an interesting quirk, but it couldn’t save the slow-and-ugly Janus from automotive infamy.

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  1. nbz066 says:

    Thats not the same color as pro. Zundapp, he’s in the top right-hand corner!

  2. Pedro 27 says:

    FYI, this car is in the new Pixar movie, “Cars 2″

  3. Pedro 27 says:

    Where the heck is the engine located!?

  4. john101 says:

    i think i would get sick if i was riding in the back seat, looking in the oppostite direction.

  5. weird'o 101 says:

    1. were does the engine go 2. it doesn’t even have a trunk 2. 3 I’d hate to be in back seat if some one crashed into it 4.that’s kind of hard to say i mean honestly Zunndapp Janus, lol my computer thinks Zunndapp is Appendage. i could think of more but i don’t want to.

  6. 71 nova says:

    stupid car

  7. mario 64 says:

    how do i get in the drivers side?

  8. escher24 says:

    Where the heck’s the engine? Are there genetically mutated mice spinning the wheels? Cause I don’t see anything.

  9. the rocketeer says:

    I think it was a cool looking car, especially with the backwards rear seat. if you got rear ended and u were sitting in the back….gghhcckk!

  10. hippiescout151 says:

    ive rode in one of these prettey good but SLOW

  11. the scout says:

    Is that a car or,a trash can with wheels?

  12. trent991 says:

    Is Dr. Z one of these?(Cars 2)

  13. elvis says:

    the smart cars grandpa

  14. simswim99 says:

    good job janus, you made an officialy beutiful car……NOT!!!!

  15. Fliboys.RBX says:


    Here, is the Pedro Pod’s first competitor!

    (The Pedro Pod is similar to that red, tiny car thingy)

  16. kyletheterrorizer says:

    That was probably like the Smart Car of back then.

  17. ???? says:

    how do you get in the backseat?

  18. pokefreak6464 says:

    the door is front of the driver, the seat in the back is facing backwards, very little room to have your suitcase for travel,…i can go on forever about why this car is an ugly disaster on wheels.

  19. commander wolffe says:


  20. nin*gorin says:

    It’s Proffeser Z from cars 2!

  21. leopard16 says:

    what the heck

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