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Capture Cam

Mission Critical

Up your spy game with Capture Cam, a motion-activated pocket-size digital camera. Set it up for surveillance and take one photo or a series of them. Later, use the Spy Photo Lab software to add special effects to your secret pics. ($34.99)

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Comments about “Capture Cam”

  1. bigal says:

    it so awesome

  2. Ben11 says:

    I hav used one of these and it works well:)

  3. kkkk says:

    spygear is super cool I only have binnoculars.

  4. TROOP.27 MEMBER says:

    pearsonally i like spynet better. they had a better linup since they stared. spy video watch, nightvision spy video watch, video sunglasses. Epic.

  5. WHAZZUP says:

    This is awesome! Now I can geta spy camera that I can keep with me in my pocket! And the camera looks really cool!

  6. Jesusfreak says:

    Nice, I’ll be looking in stores, and of course asking for it for Christmas.

  7. Shehzam says:

    I have a lot of Spy Gear Products and this seems like the greatest evolution of the company!

  8. ty says:

    it is cool

  9. 404wsw says:

    This looks awesome

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