25 funny Christmas jokes

Happy Holidays! Count down the days until Christmas with 25 funny Christmas jokes sent in by Boys’ Life readers. These Christmas jokes will help you “ho ho ho” like a certain jolly old elf.

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Sean: Knock, knock.
Fawn: Who’s there?
Sean: Murray.
Fawn: Murray who?
Sean: Murray Christmas, one and all!

Submitted by Sean H., Farmington, N.M.

Will: What’s a good time for Santa to come down the chimney?
Bill: What?
Will: Anytime!

Submitted by Keith G., Forestdale, Mass.

Will: Where do snowmen keep their money?
Bill: Beats me.
Will: In a snow bank.

Submitted by Will M., Big Canoe, Ga.

Tim: Did you know Santa had only eight reindeer last Christmas?
Jim: Huh?
Tim: Comet stayed home to clean the sink.

Submitted by Tim S., Merriam, Kan.

Chris: What do snowmen like to do on the weekend?
Chrissy: What?
Chris: Chill out.

Submitted by Christopher H., Fair Oaks, Calif.

Josh: What does Jack Frost like best about school?
John: What?
Josh: Snow and tell.

Submitted by Joshua S., Lafayette, Ind.

Zoey: What do you get if you cross an iPad with a Christmas tree?
Johnny: I don’t know. What?
Zoey: A pineapple!

Submitted by Zoey Y., Flower Mound, Tex.

Moe: What are you going to give your little brother for Christmas this year?
Joe: I haven’t decided yet.
Moe: What did you give him last year?
Joe: The measles.

Submitted by Suzan L. W., Spring Hill, Fla.

Pedro: What has a jolly laugh, brings you presents and scratches up your furniture?
Ordep: Beats me. What?
Pedro: Santa Claws.

Submitted by Will M., Big Canoe, Ga.

Teacher: Johnny, define claustrophobia.
Johnny: Fear of Santa Claus?

Submitted by Ronesha M., Allen, Tex.

Santa: Knock, knock.
Elf: Who’s there?
Santa: Olive.
Elf: Olive, who?
Santa: Olive the other reindeer.

Submitted by Joe R., Saint Charles, Mo.

Luke: What do elves do after school?
Jeffrey: I don’t know. What?
Luke: Their gnome work!

Submitted by Luke C., Somers, N.Y.

Joe: What nationality is Santa Claus?
Moe: What?
Joe: North Polish.

Submitted by Joe B., Huntersville, N.C.

Amanda: What’s the difference between Santa’s reindeer and a knight?
Robert: What?
Amanda: One slays the dragon, and the other’s draggin’ the sleigh.

Submitted by Amanda M., Springfield, Mo.

Darth Vader: I know what you’re getting for Christmas.
Luke: How do you know?
Darth Vader: I can feel your presents.

Submitted by Mark R., Barrington, R.I.

When asked about his job, Frosty always replies, “There’s no business like snow business.”

Submitted by Doug C., Gahanna, Ohio

Warped Wiseman wonders: “Does Santa Claus refer to his elves as ‘subordinate clauses’?”

Submitted by Dan H., Conshohocken, Pa.

Josh: Knock, knock!
Samantha: Who’s there?
Josh: Dexter.
Samantha: Dexter, who?
Josh: Dexter halls with boughs of holly.

Submitted by Josh B., Dublin, Ohio

Trey: What do you get when you cross a snowman and a dog?
Brandon: I give up.
Trey: Frostbite.

Submitted by Trey D., Ringgold, Ga.

Josh: Why was Santa’s little helper depressed?
Mark: Dunno. Why?
Josh: Because he had low elf esteem!

Submitted by Dan H., Conshohocken, Pa.

A book never written: “What Did I Do Wrong THIS Year?” by Kole N. Stocking.

Submitted by Kole N., Amherst, N.H.

William: What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
David: What?
William: Do you smell carrots?

Submitted by William W., Shapleigh, Me.

One night a Viking named Rudolph the Red was looking out the window when he said, “It’s going to rain.”

His wife asked, “How do you know?”

“Because Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

Submitted by Jorgen R., Prunedale, Calif.

Pee Wee: What did the reindeer say to the football player?
Westy: I don’t know.
Pee Wee: “Your Blitzen days are over!”

Submitted by Nhan P., Camp Hill, Pa.

Colton: How does a sheep say “Merry Christmas”?
Tammi: How?
Colton: “Fleece Navidad!”

Submitted by Colton S., Kansas City, Kan.


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    Cool, I like the Viking one. The others, some of them are kinda cheesy. (No offense, guys. I’m writing a joke book, and the ones in my book are kinda better. Some have the answers right infront of you.) The viking one might go into my joke book. -Darth Vader PS. I like the one with Luke and Vader in it wink wink nudge nudge*

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    What do you get wham a snowman hits a turck

    What. A snow car

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    I have a daughter in the hospital this year. I am sad and she is sad. THANK YOU GUYS for making me smile. I’m planning on helping her smile with these jokes.

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