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Cool wheels

The fastest, the edgiest, the coolest. Click on the images below to see slideshows of some of the latest eye-catching cars around.

Want to see more? Click here for a behind-the-scenes video of our Dream Cars photo shoot.

10 Comments on Cool wheels

  1. i think that the smart for two car would be very weird do drive around,what if you had to take you boss to lunch (if you were working)

  2. the lambourghini is so much cooler than the dodge or toyota

  3. i agree with nathan the dodge viper is better!!!

  4. The Mazda Ryuga is totally the coolest (well, to me it is).

  5. Scout in Jordan // October 28, 2007 at 6:06 am // Reply

    Man the Dodge viper is the best, it has 600 HP! the lamborghini has 460.

  6. the laborgine is the best

  7. no your both wrong the coolest one is the toyota

  8. no it`s the lamborgine

  9. The coolest one is the Dodge Viper!

  10. WOW, that is cool!!!!!!!! :-)

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