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Air Hogs R/C Battle Tracker

Get Fired Up

Pick your firepower with the Air Hogs R/C Battle Tracker. Shoot discs from the helicopter or missiles from the turret in an indoor battle of skill. Playing solo? Set the turret’s auto control and dodge missiles with the copter while trying to deactivate the turret as it tracks and attacks. ($99.99)

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Comments about “Air Hogs R/C Battle Tracker”

  1. I'm a scout says:

    Maaaaaaaaan,I really want it but costs too much.

  2. pokefreak says:

    it looks awesome, but i`m not a millionaire

  3. baseballb says:

    I hope I get it.

  4. baseball says:

    I am going to get it if I win this contest.

  5. ryan says:

    way way too much to buy

  6. corkyj says:

    thats a lot of money

  7. iwako says:

    Looks really cool but the price is to high.

  8. 49ERFAN says:

    I have seen it, it works really well, but the helicopter takes some time to get used to.

  9. rockout101 says:

    I think that it won’t work very well. It looks cool, but its not.

  10. bobblehead28 says:

    AWESOME! but lower the retail price to about 30.00

  11. I love cars says:

    really cool!

  12. beast101 says:

    holy cow does it work it better because it is $99.99!

  13. moo says:

    looks cool

  14. toothless says:

    i realy want it

  15. commander says:

    gota get that

  16. tb01`0101010101010 says:

    does it work well?

  17. slimo says:

    this is AMAZING

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