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Lazer Tag 2 Blaster set

Blazing Lazers

Immerse yourself in augmented reality play with the Lazer Tag 2 Blaster set. Download the free app to iPhone or iPod touch for single-player mode or multiplayer up to 24. In multiplayer mode, blasters pack virtual laser range of 250 feet. Play without a device using classic multiplayer mode. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S and iPod touch 4th Generation. ($74.99)

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Comments about “Lazer Tag 2 Blaster set”

  1. Moo Cow says:

    This is awsome! The only down side is you can’t use them at a scouting event. :( You can’t soot or imiate shooting some one.

  2. I love cars says:

    really cool!!

  3. SPace Laser Tagger says:

    I’ve been a fan of Lazer Tag for a few years, but this is the latest version that can trace its roots back 25 years. It is currently backwards compatible with models from 8 years ago. And you DO NOT need an iOS device to play–although it does make it more fun!

  4. nomnomnom says:

    looks cool

  5. yeerk slug says:


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