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Champions Speedway Fold ‘N’ Go Race Case

Crank It Up

The Champions Speedway Fold ’N’ Go Race Case requires no batteries or electricity. Hand-crank generators supply all the power you need for speedy slot-car racing. The double-level racecourse folds into a nifty carrying case for when you’re on the go. ($59.99)

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Comments about “Champions Speedway Fold ‘N’ Go Race Case”

  1. anonymous says:

    I like the idea of getting this

  2. ryan says:

    i hade it but then gave it a way

  3. Nazzzzkar says:

    best handy toy since the PSP!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want this!

  5. Kev says:

    This looks so cool! I want it for Christmas too🎅

  6. annoynymous says:

    i want this for crismas becaue i dont have the money, but it is woth waiting!

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