Olympic mascots through the years

Since 1968, it has been a tradition to have a mascot for each of the Olympic games. Take a peek at our photo gallery of Olympic mascots and then use the comments section to tell us which Olympic mascots you think were the wildest, craziest, weirdest and coolest.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images of the Olympic mascots and scroll through the slideshow.

Comments about “Olympic mascots through the years”

  1. Gladiator94 says:

    LONDONS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  2. BillyB0b says:

    I like Athens

  3. Mr. YO says:

    I like Wenlock.(Wenlock is the name of the 2012 mascot)

    P.S. They are missing Wenlock’s brother, Mandeville, the Paraolympics mascot.

  4. hotrod says:

    I realy like Londons mascot.Infact they are all cute.

  5. Me says:

    I think they should have 1 for all countries/cities

  6. pokenerd says:

    2012 all the way.

  7. trainfire51 says:

    the weenie dog from 72 is pretty cool

  8. me says:

    i liked Beijing.

  9. cl3 says:

    I really like montreal 1976

  10. pedro says:

    Los Angeles is cool.

  11. Socsoocbdsbcob says:

    Schneeman is the cutest thing!

  12. webelo from pack 295 says:

    munich is so cute!

  13. AwesomeSPY says:

    I like the ones from 1984, 1988, and 1998. The first on is weird.

  14. Monkey D Luffy says:

    2008 fuwa mascot is the best!

  15. LindyLoo says:

    I went to the 1996 summer games and brought home an “Izzy” doll. They had zillions of these little stuffed dolls left over as most people didn’t like the mascot. I thought it was cute!

  16. Quatchi says:

    We still wear our slippers proudly around the house, one year later!

  17. Blah Bloob says:

    I loooooove amik he is A-DOR-A-BlE!

  18. mr.cool says:

    why do they have weird names???????

  19. Anonymous says:

    sam is awsome

  20. yo says:

    i like the fuwa children

  21. camper man says:

    i liked roniand,sam,

  22. Anonymous says:

    the one in 1996 is my favorite. btw they just released the new mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

  23. Billybob says:

    My aunt went to the 2000 and 2004 summer olympic games!

  24. dredded says:

    I like the 2008 summer olympics mascots the Fuwa dolls are awesome! So are the Vancouver mascots from the 2010 winter games.

  25. ohyeah says:

    Sumi is soooo cute! And Miga. I’m not sure about Quatchi…

  26. Baba says:

    The 2010 mascots are the best.

  27. Mario says:

    I liked the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics mascots (Sumi,Quatchi, and Miga). But I would like to point out an error. Sumi is the mascot for the PARALYMPIC Winter games. It’s actually supposed to be MUKMUK, Miga, and Quatchi for the Olympics.

    • Lucky says:

      Yes, Sumi should be Paralympic mascot. And he WAS.
      And I think Mukmuk SHOULD BE OFFICIAL Olympic mascot!

  28. COMMENTER SAYS says:

    AND 2006

  29. COMMENTER SAYS says:

    2004 WEIRD

  30. Rabbid says:

    Miga is cute…

  31. Spider Monkey says:

    I like the ones from 2010 that are Sumi, Quatchi, & Miga.I took a quiz on the vancouver 2010 site and I am most like Sumi, he is helpful. My sister is most like miga and my mom is most like quatchi.

  32. Remus says:

    Izzy is awesome

  33. GARRETT says:


  34. hOtToPiCdEaTh101 says:

    i loveeeeee magique

  35. scribblenaut says:

    i like the wookie\bigfoot quatchi

  36. cool!! says:

    I think Izzy is cool!

  37. mariomaster says:

    I like miga.

  38. rbbt98 says:

    I LOVE the weiner dog! He reminds me of a popcicle! And I love Misha, he looks like a bear/mouse

  39. Happy Birthday BSA says:

    Izzy takes the prize for most original

  40. MASTERJAW says:


  41. dart dude says:

    quatchi is the best!

  42. Severus says:

    i think the Chinese mascots are the best.they represent the 5 elements of Earth.I hope the winter Olympics are as good as the summer Olympics.really , I like the Olympics.

  43. Boo says:

    I think Schuss is the wierdest.

  44. superdude says:

    i have to say izzy is the weirdest

    • Lucky says:

      He was created by the children. And he was the first mascot created by the computer. A first try is not always the best, so it looks so.

  45. pedro says:

    These are my favorite mascots: the 1972 Summer games wiener dog, the 1996 Summer Games (Izzy), 2002 Winter Games (Powder, Coal and Copper)2008 Summer Games (Fuwa dolls) 2010 Winter Games (Sumi, Miga, and Quatchi).

  46. kamakazi says:


  47. Emperor John says:

    Always loved Sumi…

  48. The117 says:

    I think either the fuwa or the 2010 mascots are the best

  49. The great one says:

    I like Schneeman.

  50. dinoguy says:

    i just love copper,powder,and coal!(even though i was 1 year old in 2002)

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