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Space Age Ant Habitat

Space Age Ant Habitat

Super-Cool Ants

An ecosystem that came from NASA space experiments, the Space Age Ant Habitat lives up to its name. It’s filled with a cool transparent gel that both ants and plants live off of. Light it up with the multicolored LED base. Catch your own ants or order them by mail (for an additional $9.99). ($39.99)

All prices listed are MSRP -- manufacturer's suggested retail price. You can often find better prices at stores or online. Purchases from links on this page help support Boys' Life and the Boy Scouts of America.

5 Comments on Space Age Ant Habitat

  1. I had this toy. The toy was pretty cool it was fun going away for a while then coming back and seeing the ants’ progress when they make tunnels. The only problem was that you had to open the container to let the ants breath (don’t worry the ants didn’t escape) I would recommend this product to any kid that loves nature

  2. cool



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