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EZ Pro DJ Mixer

Mix and Mash

Mix, sample, loop, crossfade and scratch your favorite tunes into cool mashups with EZ Pro DJ Mixer. Download the free app to any iOS or Android device and connect it to this deck, and you’re ready to get the party started. ($49.99)

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Comments about “EZ Pro DJ Mixer”

  1. SuperRemeo says:

    Well i am a beginner DJ (no joke) so i kind of want this dj thing

  2. Boss says:

    Mash-Up Party Rock, and I like to move it.

  3. ollie says says:

    This is awesome

  4. ollie says:


  5. Wedfig says:

    50 dollers?! Just buy the app, it’s the same but not with the base that barely does anything!

  6. fuzzy says:

    This is cool

  7. glligu says:

    it is awesome

  8. sam F. says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love it best toy I have ever seen!!COOL!!!

  9. duty says:

    woow that cool man i like that style

  10. taushon says:

    it kinda looks cool but i want it

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