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R/C Force Flyer copter

A Hands-Down Winner

It’s all in the glove. Slip it on and use its Glove Force technology to control these vehicles. Both huge hits with our testers, the R/C Force Flyer copter and Force Racer rally car move as your gloved hand does. It’s easy and it’s fun. ($39.99)

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Comments about “R/C Force Flyer copter”

  1. love lego says:

    I have seen it in stores for 39.99

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not enough of the item for sale,when there such a demand

  3. sean says:

    That is cool and it would be better if it was free!!!!!!!!

  4. gimme it says:

    sweet! gimme it!

  5. ss says:

    I want it so freaking bad

  6. bugboy says:

    price is no where near the $39.99

    • scooter's dad says:

      yeah, I wonder where they came up with that price of $39.99. Click on the link and the cost is $319.90. I found the cheapest model for $97. Please, will someone tell me where I can find one for $39.99 for my son?



  8. mohawkman says:

    thats awesome

  9. Minecrafter says:

    So COOL

  10. So Boss says:

    I really want it so I don’t have to use a huge controler to fly/drive a Rc toy.

  11. gskater says:

    cool but in the mag it says there’s a car to.

  12. Jack909 says:

    It is like it is from 2015

  13. Bossness says:

    I would love that!!!

  14. log in says:

    I want it so bad.

  15. cobi says:

    this is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. BYU ROCKES says:

    that is so cool

  17. yo mojo says:

    this is an awesome product

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