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Be the Master of Illusion

Your smartphone or iPod Touch helps create a special-effects holographic magic show with HolograFX. You can even upload your own photo to become the hologram. Kit includes 20 tricks, two stories, downloadable app and stage setup. ($39.99)

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Comments about “HolograFX”

  1. coolking says:

    That is so cool!!!!!!

  2. DogDog says:

    Wow! Why wasn’t it in the magazine?!

  3. Soccermomma says:

    Purchased one for our weekly family night. The boys went crazy for it. Hard to keep them entertained for a long time – they are totally little techies, but HolograFX kept their attention span. We made the boys into Holograms and sent videos of it to my sister and her kids. Now they want one for Christmas!

  4. Speedracers says:

    Just picked mine up from Toys R Us. What an awesome game! Can’t wait to show my friends!

  5. Wildman says:

    Awesome. i want this for my iPod touch!

  6. seemoser says:

    I would really like but I don’t have enough money

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