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Mindstorms EV3

Smart Play

Meet Mindstorms EV3, Lego’s latest and greatest build-and-program smart robotics set. You can build five main models with this kit and control your creations from up to 6 feet away. Bonus: Lego Mindstorms is an approved platform for earning the Robotics merit badge. ($349.99)

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Comments about “Mindstorms EV3”

  1. emit says:

    I really want this

  2. lego lover says:

    I really want this.

  3. girl says:

    I really want one!

  4. Trail Life USA Dude says:

    This really is a cool toy. I got it and have made so mich stuff with it. You can create your own robots and build your own programs.

  5. Robo kid says:

    I see one every other day they are cool

  6. Slifer says:

    Yeah, I want to get this and make a black mamba robot

  7. CoolMan says:

    It looks really cool.But can you find it for a cheaper price?

  8. Lego Guy says:

    I got it and made over ten models for fun.

  9. Bagels says:

    Really overprices but seems legit

  10. Billybobjoe says:

    I just got the second one, and it is awesome.

  11. nascar24 says:

    i love it

  12. Rainbow Dash says:

    This Is So Cool This is Better than The V2 or the Ev2

  13. Mr. LegoMan says:

    This toy is AWESOME!!!!!!


  14. person says:

    this is realy worth the money i am in a lego leuge club and the robots i have made are awsome

  15. Robolover says:

    I have the set. it is so worth buying!

  16. GAME BOY says:

    its so cool

  17. eagle says:

    i realy wish i can get this. were do you get this awesome robot?if you find out tell me!!!

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