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Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex

Change it Up

It’s the biggest converting Transformers toy ever made (so far). The Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex is more than 2 feet tall, and it transforms from robot to rolling battle platform to Autobot city. ($124.99)

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Comments about “Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex”

  1. ryguyprime says:

    awsome toy if i had 1 i might faint. 2 thumbs up for metroplex.

  2. lego boy says:

    Cool transformer! my only complaint is the price, I remember years ago this would have gone for $60.

  3. Billybobjoe says:

    That is insanely big!

  4. I'm new says:

    I LUV TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. Mojo Jo says:

    As a big transformers fan I would like to thank boys life for including this in the November issue thank you

  6. bubba says:

    This toy is probably the best transformers toy ever along with armada Optimus prime and Cybertron jet fire and wing saber. I love this generations titan class metroplex and for $124.99 it is a great toy. For $124 it is worth all the money you pay for it. I Highly recommend this generations metroplex w/ autobot scamper. Transformers fans will love this toy. Get this toy for your child for a Christmas present for 2013.

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