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Water Dancing Speakers

Put on a Show

How about adding a musical light and water show to your next party or outing — or to your room? Hook up your MP3 player or computer to the 9-inch-tall Water Dancing Speakers. Then watch multicolored jets of water move to the beat of your music. ($49.99)

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Comments about “Water Dancing Speakers”

  1. hipster says:

    I found the exact same thing on amazon for $19.99

  2. dj says:

    I love this i really want this.

  3. boss says:

    one word BOSS

  4. bug says:

    i really want this.

  5. Colonel Commando says:

    There is a vine about these speakers, and in the vine they look pretty sick. Not sure if they’re worth $50, though.

  6. nikki says:

    te amazon ones are not from leading edge

  7. ROBLOX says:

    wow those are really cool! I wonder if they sound as cool as they look?

    • Oberon says:

      A friend of mine has these speakers they surprised me with their quality. There are definitely better speakers but none that look and act that cool. Kind of distracting though when doing homework.

  8. kbcoolb says:

    that’s really cool cause you can put on a light show. And also listn to music.

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