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Help us pick our April fishing cover


We can’t decide which cover to use for April’s special fishing issue, so we need your opinion. Which cover do you like best?

Vote for your favorite in the poll below, and tell us why in the comments.

10 Comments on Help us pick our April fishing cover

  1. Cover two would be better if it didn’t have the big blurry hand at the bottom.

  2. Cover 1 is over used as a cover for fishing. Cover 2 is very well composed and a bit different.

  3. Love both but really wanted to showcase the youth with his hobby as the highlight that he enjoys.

  4. Many people have caught a fish, but few have tied a fly. Also, the tying pic looks like the boy is working with something that is sparking–suggestive of sparking an idea or electricity. I think it tells more of a story. It role models how boys can aspire to create and learn.

  5. I belıeve ti ıs more eye catching and soothıng to the concept of fıshıng.🐠🐟

  6. I believe that the cover should depict the Scout holding the fish. The photograph of the Scout tying the fly may not be immediately noticeable as that to others, especially with the focus of the subject in front of the Scout’s face and the out-of-focus object in the foreground of the photograph.

  7. Use the photo with the fish to generate interest! Most scouts are interested in fishing while many do not know about fly tying!

  8. Love that fish!

  9. Cover 2 shows the skills being learned not just the end result.

  10. I like to see the boys learning a new skill. I know they all like to fish and the fish is neat, but the new skill is key. However, if you look at it from a marketing point of view, I think the boys will like the fish cover better. But from a leader’s point of view, I like the lure better.

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