The Best Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

You won’t find these ridiculous speeds, water-powered engines or shape-shifting bodies at the local car dealership. Venture off the beaten path and discover cool new ways to get around.

Take a look at the slideshow and then check out the October 2009 issue of Boys’ Life magazine to learn more about these cars.


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  1. supascout777 says:

    i’ve never seen any of these but they r awesome and cool. dont ya agree?

  2. Spazzy-Mc-Ghee says:

    WHOA, these cars look like they were pulled out of a James Bond movie!!!

  3. ;) says:

    whats the one called from 0:9-0:12? it looks sick.. XD

  4. supdogblp says:

    i love the ron

  5. cheese says:

    does anyone know what the orange car is called?

  6. tommy jr. says:

    The Ronn Scorpion is the 3rd best car ever next to the camaro and the mustang.

  7. sicninja says:

    i wonder how much these cost

  8. Sgt.Adrian says:

    thats tight i like the ron scrpion i hate saving energy

  9. TTTtechno99 says:

    That FIRS car i lv bcause its jus flamin fas

  10. aarona2u says:

    i love cars :)

  11. cow man/ green guy says:

    The second car. I drooled over and when I read that it was green I knew that had to be my car !!

  12. Da Man says:

    The Ronn Scorpion is AWESOME!!!

  13. Eagleman says:

    These cars are AWESOME.

  14. redhead 5143 says:

    i love cars

  15. the crip says:

    awesome doesnt help anyone the smart car ones look like there 4 geeks & the other ones r 2 expensive ul have 2 win the lotto 2 get it or b bill gates

  16. Feanor93 says:

    Does anyone know what 1-4 is?

  17. unknown or am I ? says:


  18. peanut butter monkey says:

    i like the ronn scorpion, spyker C8 Aileron, and the tramontana R! they are the awesomest cars ever createed by man! (but not martians)

  19. sk8rman says:


  20. lifescout21212121 says:

    that last car is awsomr because it is human powered and goes 65 miles per hour is pretty sweet.

  21. trrop 798 says:

    does 19,21 car fly its what it looks like.

  22. Bounty Hunter MacMillan says:

    The Spyker is boss!:)

  23. THEMAN says:

    I liked 10 11 12 16 and 20 :) :) :) :) :).

  24. zachary says:

    awsome!!! they are cool

  25. nascarfreak says:

    The proto moters Spirra coupe. I have one in PGR4.

  26. Critic says:

    I’ve seen awesome cars before but 19-21 is about the best car I have ever seen!

  27. ken says:

    Number 11 is by far the most awsome car ever. The only problem is that you have to be a brain surgeon or something like that to afford something that nice. You know, i think ill major in medicine. lol

  28. styro says:

    those are super awsome… especially 1-4,10-12,16-21,27,and 31-33 go troop 116

  29. three says:

    amazing! ive never seen anything like it. the miraboue has to be my vavorite ooe. it is so cool!

  30. awsome bob says:

    the cars are awsome!!!

  31. holla says:

    i think the ones that DONT look like smart cars r the bombest!!

  32. pizzaman says:

    is 36 a corvette?

  33. to cool for u says:

    totally cool my dad has a konniggsegg

  34. nobody u should know says:

    35 and the konniggsegg are the coolist you best believe it :)

  35. jojo says:

    20,12,and 10 I think are the coolest!

  36. ambassador of pack 953 says:

    if it was cheaper it would be perfect

  37. yourse says:

    16-18 ARE EPIC!! :D

  38. yourse says:

    oh my gosh i like ALL of the sporty ones and the one that looks like a smart car. I have been reading about these in the mag they are so AWESOME!!

  39. fireblade56 says:

    I like the Ronn Scorpion

  40. Agent McMuffin says:

    Pure Awesomeness!

  41. wolfie says:

    these cars are sweet.

  42. awesome dude says:


  43. sk8rchic says:


  44. somebody says:

    WOW that is so cool!

  45. Pugle says:

    Wow! Some of those cars look AWESOME!

  46. wow man says:


  47. Anonymous says:


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