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Play online video games that are fun for the whole family, plus video game tips and reviews.
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Brixx Puzzles

Solve 60 levels of brain-teasing puzzles in this challenging new game.


Play these fun games on desktop computers that have the Flash plugin installed.

Flooded Village

Test your skills in a fun but challenging puzzle game. Dig a river and water the seeds, but don't flood the village. Oh, and watch out for the pirates.

Tankz 2

More levels, more upgrades and more fun in the awesome Tankz sequel.


Bust down some walls, share strategies and post high scores in BL's newest online game.

Derby Town Racing

In Derby Town, pinewood derby racing is a way of life. You'll need to work hard and drive fast, working your way up the rankings table and unlocking more races as you go.

Snowball Camp

It's gigantic snowball pinball! Launch your snowball; then use magnetic power towers and paddles to keep it rolling. Collect gems, unlock surprises and try for the high score!

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Play these fun HTML5 games on phones, tablets, desktop computers and most other devices.

Soccer Sprint

Guide the soccer star as he dodges, ducks and jumps through the BL stadium.

Pedro’s Nitro Derby

Collect nitro boosts as you race your car on nine challenging courses in Pedro's Nitro Derby.

Brixx Puzzles

Solve 60 levels of brain-teasing puzzles in this challenging new game.

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Video game tips, reviews, news and other fun stuff from the world of gaming.

Why Arms Is the Most Pulse-Pounding Nintendo Game of the Year

You’ve probably heard a lot about Arms over the past few weeks, but the game is finally here. And it’s great. Here’s why. Arms Is a Fighting Game, But Much More, Too Nintendo’s Switch is a surprise hit — and that’s not due to its portability. It’s also because of the games. Arms is simply terrific. It can be played solo, but its greatness lies in competition with your friends. It about strategy, and quick strategy at that. And the robotic characters with slinky, reticulated arms each seem to have their own unique personalities, as you’ll see below. Screams of Sheer Delight I knew I loved Arms. But I was playing solo. So I took my Switch and Arms to a Bronx high school where I mentor about writing and videogames. There, we pitted students against teachers. Yes, there was some boastful play. And yes, the kids beat the teachers. But the screams and shouts of joy were what made Arms a great bonding experience. Arms is the kind of game that can break down barriers and bring people closer together. The kids even came up with their own slogans for characters. The Sweet Gameplay You might win by mashing [...]

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Need help with your favorite videogame? Want to level up? Ask the Games Guru for help.

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Challenge yourself or just have a little fun with BL’s trivia and personality quizzes.

What Kind of Bike Are You?

Are you a mountain bike, road bike, BMX or cruiser? Our quiz will help you pick the perfect ride for your personality.

Knife Safety Quiz

Knives can be a handy tool, but they can also be dangerous. This quiz covers the basic rules.

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