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Play online video games that are fun for the whole family, plus video game tips and reviews.
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Flappy Pedro

Help the flying mailburro navigate the mountains to deliver the mail.


Play these fun games on desktop computers that have the Flash plugin installed.

Flooded Village

Test your skills in a fun but challenging puzzle game. Dig a river and water the seeds, but don't flood the village. Oh, and watch out for the pirates.

Tankz 2

More levels, more upgrades and more fun in the awesome Tankz sequel.


Bust down some walls, share strategies and post high scores in BL's newest online game.

Derby Town Racing

In Derby Town, pinewood derby racing is a way of life. You'll need to work hard and drive fast, working your way up the rankings table and unlocking more races as you go.

Snowball Camp

It's gigantic snowball pinball! Launch your snowball; then use magnetic power towers and paddles to keep it rolling. Collect gems, unlock surprises and try for the high score!

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Play these fun HTML5 games on phones, tablets, desktop computers and most other devices.

Massive Word Search

The clock is ticking. How fast can you find the words in these 50 puzzles?

Soccer Sprint

Guide the soccer star as he dodges, ducks and jumps through the BL stadium.

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Video game tips, reviews, news and other fun stuff from the world of gaming.

Is Splatoon 2 the Summer Game For You?

The inky wait is over! Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch has hit stores. But is the rollicking, ink-shooting game for you? Here’s what you need to know. Splatoon 2 is mainly a multiplayer game. If you love competition between you and your friends or people you meet online, this game will hold your interest. It may even thrill you. There is a smaller, single-player aspect, though. You really need to play some single player before you play with others – especially if you play online. The story? Marie of the famed Squid Sisters singing group wants you to help her find her lost sister Callie. Splatoon 2 gameplay is easy to pick up. But it’s hard to rule the roost. As a squid/human, you shoot ink to get rid of your fellow players or spread ink over their turf. Jump under the ink to swim faster, move under gates and surprise enemies. There’s a lot more, too. You probably should turn off the motion controls. Using the motion controls made me dizzy to the point I was thinking more about steadying the camera than playing the game. I constantly had to press a button to re-center the camera. It [...]

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Need help with your favorite videogame? Want to level up? Ask the Games Guru for help.

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Challenge yourself or just have a little fun with BL’s trivia and personality quizzes.

What Kind of Bike Are You?

Are you a mountain bike, road bike, BMX or cruiser? Our quiz will help you pick the perfect ride for your personality.

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