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Minecraft game review

Since it first hit PCs a couple of years ago, Minecraft has taken the world by storm. There’s now a yearly MineCon convention. And Minecraft has even been taught in schools. Now, the game has sold a million copies within a few days of its release on Xbox Live.

Mojang for Xbox Live

Gameplay: 8.8
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8.0
Replay Value: 9.0
Overall Score: 8.8

Pros: Make your own creations. Blocky world feels real. Co-op ability.

Cons: World is slightly smaller than on the PC. Inventory is harder to navigate.


In case you don’t know, Minecraft is a building game. It’s a little like LEGO and a little like Lincoln Logs. You take various textured cubes and build what you want.

So where does the mining come in? The word “mine” is used loosely here. Gathering up trees is, in a sense, mining. You turn them into wood and then make your own structures. Finding the materials to make your own tools to build the wood into, say, a mansion, is mining, too.

It’s not just fun, it’s also really creative. You’re limited only by your own brain … and the time you put in.


So let’s see if the Xbox Live version is as deep as the PC version.

First, the Xbox game lets you play co-op with friends and has its own crafting system to make things like tools. Since I’m a console guy, I enjoy making my structures with the controller as opposed to the PC mouse.

And there are tips galore, even as the game loads for the first time. The tutorials also make the game more kid friendly. With the original Minecraft for the PC, there was a ton of detective work you had to do. You had to figure out which substance would make what tool or piece of castle. That kind of research can be fun if you have nothing but time on your hands.

Now there is help for you along the way. Some say the tutorials lessen the magic. I say they add to it. You spend more of your time making things instead of puzzling over how to do things.


When you dive into Minecraft, the experience is immediately really cool and charming. Simple piano music plays as you arrive on the shores of a beach. Use the right controller trigger to dig into the Earth and cut wood from trees. I didn’t make anything grand and glorious right away. I just set up the beginnings of a small shack by the sea.

Then, darkness fell. A square block of a moon rose high in the sky, and stars twinkled. As I stood there and gawked at nature’s beauty, I heard some steps behind me. Since I was kind of hypnotized by the sights, I didn’t realize it was a Creeper, one of the annoying monsters of Minecraft. I heard a ka-pow, and wham, I lost half my health.

My shelter wasn’t finished, and I couldn’t hide from him!

So I swam out to sea and stayed on a sandbar until morning. The Creeper, a handless creature with a twisted, angry mouth, isn’t always a night owl. Stay away from him during the day or night. He can blow up structures you make, too.


There are plenty of achievements to get as you go along, such as when you make a furnace, open your inventory for the first time or catch a fish. Eventually, you’ll learn to make fire and electricity. If you play a really long time, you might even find the elusive Ender Dragon.

The graphics in Minecraft are old school, a nod to the early days of video games. But that’s the glory of Minecraft. If it looked too realistic, like Gran Turismo or even The Sims, it wouldn’t have the signature style that makes this game unique.

So go wild on Minecraft. Build like a modern architect. Build like a steampunk novelist. Build like a pioneer. Build high or long or with moats and forests. Build a Scout jamboree park. Then, tear it all down if you like.

This is your world. And Minecraft is a wonderful mirror that is nothing if not a reflection of you.

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  1. Thurth says:

    This game is the best and I love this game, this game is awesome. YEAH!!

  2. Thurth says:

    This game is the best.

  3. SPARTANc00ki343 says:

    i have all 3 versions and just a hint for games guru, HEROBRINE IS WATCHING.

  4. dat gai says:

    this game really has loads of cool things ive played it for 4 years and i have played with th creater of mincraft get this game

  5. Minecrafter DarthCreeper511 says:


  6. MinecraftMiner99 says:

    Hey anyone out there know any good mods other than TMI, SPC, and World_Edit for 1.4.5?

    • Anotherbayard says:

      Any mods by Risugami are great. Look it up. Also, if you are a portal fan, try the Portal Gun mod by iChun. Also try Tekkit.

    • nkd777 says:

      I really like optifine but you should search around for what you like and not ask suggestions that is the way i found my favorite mods

    • Captain_YO says:

      Mo’ Creatures for sure. There’s also Tales of Kingdoms, Bibliocraft, Ars Magica, ExtrabiomesXL, and Craft Guide.

  7. Yoman says:

    One advantage of having Minecraft on the computer is that you can download maps that ohers have made. The are all different kinds, from intense adventures to huge cities to explore. I even saw one that was made in the syle of the Wipeout tv show.

  8. harrypotter15 says:

    how do you install modloader?

    • nkd777 says:

      A really good mod loader is MagicLauncher it’s not hard to download i just googled it, hit the install button and boom Magic launcher was installed from there you just download any mods you want and they will appear in MagicLauncher any mod anytime and it’s free :)

  9. MR.awesome says:

    minecrafting for a cause!

  10. Cliff says:

    I want MineCraft!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bobgob says:

    I prefer the Xbox version of Minecraft because we can play 4 people at my house. :)

  12. bobgob says:

    I prefer the xbox version because we can play 4 people at my house. :)

  13. bobgob says:

    I prefer the xbox version of Minecraft because 4 people can play at my house at the same time.

  14. zack says:

    could i play the game.

  15. conrado says:

    i like it

  16. MINEY64 says:

    I wish it will come out on Wii!

  17. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    Minecraft is pretty cool. I like to build walls going around my house. IS THERE ANY EASY WAY TO FIND DIAMOND??

    • Yoman says:

      Try putting “cheppa” into the world seed spot before starting the world. Not only are there three diamonds in the blacksmith’s chest of a near-spawn village, but the is also a cool temple in the jungle that you can explore.

    • Captain_YO says:

      Just go caving.

  18. Anonymous says:

    it is $37

  19. TotalMoron says:

    Minecraft is awesome i have the aether mod!

  20. nate says:

    awesome. I have the game and it is very fun. Especially multiplayer.PC!

  21. Nastyheatnor says:

    I love this game Ive been playing for 3 years its worth the money and the best part is multiplayer I used to own a server…… but it got hacked

  22. crafter2445566 says:

    i have it on computer the server chosen craft is awesome

  23. Knife Xpert 157 (aka Chad 101) says:

    I actually like this game despite the bad graphics! HINT: Gausses cant blow up cobble stone.

  24. The_Almighty_Prince says:

    Get this Game! u wont be sorry!! I love it and have been playing for 1 year now.

  25. Anonymous says:

    i love mincraft

  26. Gary McSh says:

    I want it on the computer so BAD … but its $50 help

  27. jcrazy says:

    i love this game i recommend it they will update it with new items and functions get it if you like it

  28. says:

    i love it. so much fun on xbox. can’t wait for new update

  29. yeerk slug says:

    How do you activate mods?

    • Yoman says:

      It depends on the mod. For some mods, you need to download something called ModLoader. Once downloaded, in will create a mods folder in your .minecraft folder which you can simply drop the mod files into. Others require a program like Win.rar or 7zip to use. With these, there are usually instrctions withing the mod files.

  30. marbles says:

    Buying minecraft soon :D

  31. SuperPilot says:

    When I am older, I will make an Airbus A380(Airplane) in Minecraft!(PC Version)

  32. Minecrafty guy says:

    OMG I am such a big fan of minecraft . Anyone know how to get herobrine?

  33. pedro on a tuesday says:

    I found diamonds in 2 days! I cant mine obsidian though

  34. Awesomeness says:

    Minecraft is the best game in the world!!!

  35. 3vango says:

    Minecraft is awesome have pocket edition and Xbox and getting PC Soon

  36. pipbot says:

    your supposed to have the british vesion or it can come in a mod.

  37. Mincraft wt a stud says:

    Minecraft for xbox is awsome

  38. helpless says:

    I am trying to buy the game on my computer but it does not let me. It keeps saying my e-mail is already in use. Have no idea how to buy it. There is no phone number for a customer service rep,. Can anyone help.

    • Vernon says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your promblem I suggest you make a non premium account with a different email and upgrade it to premium

  39. mayo says:

    minecraft is totally awesome!

  40. harrrypoter5 says:

    I really want minecraft but i don`t know how to get it on mac. if you know how to get it on mac please tell me how ) :

  41. wierdo says:


  42. guy says:


  43. anders1319 says:

    Dude, you should put minecraft in the magazine. There are so many people who could make something really cool with it but don’t even know about it.

  44. Twin says:

    love this game play it with my friends on the computer

  45. Minecrafter says:

    I love Minecraft it is a great game

  46. I WUV MINECRAFT says:

    MInecraft is an AWESOME game and it keeps on growing! The new update will add picture frames, thinner wall blocks, 2 secret new crops (i think they are carrots and potatoes) and SOOOOOO much more! ALSO, there are abandoned pirimeds in the game already and temples with treasure (and traps) and also some inhabited villages that you can trade and build houses for to expand the town!


  47. toxicmonKEY says:

    I love minecraft!

  48. javdak says:

    can u play on windows

    • Captain_YO says:

      That’s what it was originally made for Windows. From what I know, it works best with Windows 7. Minecraft’s development started shortly before Windows 7 came out.

  49. Ay says:

    I totally agree with you!!! Minecraft is super! What about like the awesome mine carts and diamond tools!? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

    Stay awesome boy’s life!!!!,
    👽 Ay 😜

  50. Power man says:

    Now that the update has come i’m a little confused with the inventory but Creative mode and Peaceful COMBINED is great i do it all the time!

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