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5 great downloadable games

Here’s a look at some of the best downloadable games for your broadband-connected game system.

Most games are less than $15.

PS3, Playstation Network
Guide a flower petal through a field and through other flowers, getting wonderful bursts of color upon color as you go. Sounds lame, but it looks great. Check out this video:

Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade
In 50 humorous levels, herd unwilling sheep, cows and other farm animals to a UFO mothership. There’s even a level editor for you to make your own stages for endless fun.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade
This bowling and mini golf mash up includes 20 kinds of balls, 10 courses and green pins that give you virtual money. Loops and obstacles abound in this topsy-turvy game.

PS3, PlayStation Network
Lead your elephant across four continents by making bridges for his passage. It’s a challenge. For a break from the puzzles, try the Jenga-like Elefunk game with a pal online.

Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade
Play in single and multiplayer modes in this hilarious riff on the classic game. Launch a ball while standing still, jumping in the air or running. Teams include zombies and robots.

Comments about “5 great downloadable games”

  1. YUM YUM IN MY TUMMY says:


  2. patrick says:

    games are very cool like action games.

  3. Blaze says:

    i have the dsi and the wii why not any of those games!

  4. aking says:

    flower is realy boaring !!!!!!!!!!!!!! my sister has the game.

  5. rt says:

    i only gotta dsi & psp

  6. pingu112 says:

    I don’t like any of these games

  7. Cameldude says:

    notice that none of theese games are from WiiWare!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Flower Thing Is… BORING!!!!!! (But Rocketbowl Sounds Cool!)

  9. MAD MAX says:

    That dodge ball game sounds awesome :)

  10. william says:

    that was the awsomest thing ever.

  11. joe says:

    i dont know why they had flowers,though the colors were cool.

  12. Secret Santa says:

    I don’t know why, but Flower just seems like the kind of game they’d release on the PS3, not that the PS3 isn’t cool. I like it and I wish I had one! PS3 just seems very relaxed and laid back most of the time, which I like. I also like the awesome graphics that the PS3 has!

  13. bigboy says:

    flower game,is lame

  14. bigboy says:

    I love rocket bowl you think it probably sounds cool too.

  15. noneofyobidness says:

    the flower game looks boring

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