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Who’s your video game hero?

From sports to comics, every kind of fun has its heroes. Here are some top video game heroes and their latest games.

MARIO: The mustachioed plumber is always saving Princess Peach. He has been in more than 200 games, including last year’s terrific Mario Kart Wii.

CRASH BANDICOOT: The wacky marsupial continues his fight against Dr. Neo Cortex, most recently in Crash: Mind Over Mutant (Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older).

SONIC: The speedy adventurer is featured in more than 100 games, 36 for mobile phones alone. He currently stars in Sonic and the Black Knight (Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older).

LINK: The Legend of Zelda hero proves his bravery with his Master Sword in every game, most recently Phantom Hourglass.

POKEMON: With about 500 Pokemon, it’s hard to pick just one hero. Maybe that’s why the series, with the new Pokemon Platinum, has sold more than 175 million games.

SPONGEBOB: The buck-toothed sea sponge appears in dozens of video games (even Monopoly), including 2008’s standout Drawn to Life.

SPYRO: The perky purple dragon joined forces with former enemy Cynder in last year’s Dawn of the Dragon (Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older). Keep an eye out for the Spyro movie in 3D.


Comments about “Who’s your video game hero?”

  1. nothing says:

    pokemon rock!

  2. frezze blade says:

    spyro is the best in skylanders or when he first found cynder and i love sparx the dragonfly. and spyro friend mole and leopard.

  3. ShadowKing says:

    Sonic is way better than the others. I will always think he is better. Besides he can go Super while Mario only runs in circles screaming, “Mama Mia i lost my meatballs.”

  4. pj says:

    I love Mario like Sonic Kirby and MINECRAFT oh and Rabbids

  5. phillip says:

    I like to choose Mario for a bunch of reasons
    1.I love him
    2.He is awesome like MINECRAFT

  6. Shadow says:

    Sonic in a nutshell because of these reasons: Sonic can attack, Mario just jumps and runs, and in Super Mario Galaxy’s case, spin. Sonic is more calm, cool, and collected while Mario, when he sees Bowser, runs around and screams. Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound (500mph+) and Mario is just at 15.

  7. ?box says:

    Mario is the best videogame character EVER. I mean, how often do you see a plumber rescuing a princess from a demonic turtle?!

  8. jay says:

    i love mareo kate wii!

  9. keyblade master says:

    i like sora. he is a true warrior.

  10. bobtag123 says:

    They should seriously add rachet and clank. They are the best heros in space. In a world, link surpasses all others.

  11. izzy says:

    i love kirby epic yarn

  12. SONIC4EVA!! says:

    Sonic is awesome! Mario is cool too, though. But I like Sonic more.

  13. pizzamanspatula says:

    Mario rules, but why is there no Pac-man? He in a way made gaming popular!

  14. says:

    Go SpongeBob!!!

  15. MELLIO says:

    Of course Mario is the one!

  16. thor says:

    sonic is good but mario is better

  17. LEGO Universer says:

    i LOVE Mario and Luigi but when it comes to TV Sonic Underground is better than the Super Mario Bros Show

    From Nimbus Tower a loyal paradox member Max Hydro Storm

  18. thefaynster says:

    Crash is so funny in Mind Over Mutant! I also like (or at least liked) to play Crash Bandicoot- The Wrath Of Cortex, which is one of the older games of the regular XBOX. I can’t find the disc so I can’t play it on the 360. :(

  19. Carbison says:

    And here are 3 reasons Mario is better than Sonic…

    1. In the Mario 64 games, Mario can punch ‘n kick, and Sonic just jumps on robots!

    2. Mario collects money, and Sonic just collects rings!

    3. Mario has done stuff like go into space and ride dinos!

    Sorry again for the long comment

  20. Carbison says:

    Sonic is awesome, but I like Mario too. Here are 3 reasons Sonic is better than Mario…

    1. Are you kiddin’ me?! In one game, Sonic wields a sword, and in another, he turns into a werehog! How cool is THAT?!

    2. Sonic can run at like 200 mph, and Mario just dashes at like 35 mph!

    3. Sonic’s got spikes, and all Mario does is punch mushroom dudes!

    Sorry for the long comment

  21. 007 says:

    Mario is the coolest videogame person ever!

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