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Age of Empires 3

I’m really bad at strategy games, even though I play a lot. Could you tell me some of the tips you have?

Games Guru: I’ll start by giving you some basic information that applies to any Age of Empires: Learn to level up quickly. Above all else, you need workers to advance your civilization, and you need food for workers. So the moment the game starts, tell your town center to start training workers and send the workers you have to gather food. As new workers arrive, have them build houses so you can train more workers, gather wood so you can build houses and buildings, and gather food. Build your force up to 15 or even 20 workers because the faster you gather food and build shelters, the faster you can move to the next level. You will need to find your right balance—but a few things hold true:

  • Don’t worry about gathering gold until your civilization has evolved the first time.
  • Send soldiers and workers out. Find more resources, explore the map, claim territory, KNOW WHERE YOUR ENEMIES ARE HIDDEN!
  • The best players can max out the entire technology tree in well under 15 minutes. Master the skills you need so you can level up and attack quickly.

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  1. organ guns are awsome

  2. Thanks guys, for the cheats!

  3. TO HOMER:


  4. How cool are the dutch with cool ships?

  5. To cooley,

    What difficulty level do you play on?

  6. I can only survive without cheat codes for so long

  7. cheat codes. bring them here. NOW!(sarcastic!!!!);)

  8. whataburger3 // February 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    it rocks it like rules

  9. I have all 3 of them and all ther expations the 1st one has best gameplay, the 2nd one is the worst and the 3rd one has the best graphs.

  10. Any one heard of Sid Meier’s CIvilization III. That game is awsome!

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