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Here are eight tips and tricks for Tearaway on the PS Vita:

1. Gophers like to play: Throw one on a bounce pad and watch it happily bounce forever! If you want to jump a bit higher than normal, try bouncing on a Gopher’s head. If you’re really keen on Gophers, try throwing one onto the back of an Elk.

2. Action Shots: You can still take photos while bouncing yourself on drum skins. Maybe you can get that aerial shot you wanted!

3. Bouncer Scraps: When facing a group of enemies that includes a Bouncer Scrap, leave them until last, and see if you can use them to bounce somewhere interesting!

4. Sightseeing: You can use the Photo Machine to go into a first-person view, which is often useful for spotting collectibles like the white papercraft models or hidden Confetti.

5. Love Taps: Try tapping on creatures and characters you meet on the front screen to give them a little surprise. And use the back-touch panel while decorating your Messenger to give your buddy a shock.

6. Throw down: You can throw an object, like an acorn, at a Scrap to defeat it, and if you are close enough, the object will deflect back to you and you can throw it again.

7. Wall Walking: Keep your eye out for glue on the walls and ceilings. Eventually, you’ll come to a cliff or a crossing in the game with no walkways or bridges in sight. If you happen to notice glue on the wall, take a leap of faith and try walking sideways or upside down.

8. Make some noise! Sounds made in the real world will drift into Tearaway if you have “blowing particles” enabled in the settings menu. Try making as much noise as you can to see what happens.

2 Comments on Tearaway

  1. love this game short but sweet

  2. I had such high hopes for this game so I pre-ordered it in Aug. of 2013 and I do not regret that decision.

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