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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

How do your build the Dream Suite?

Games Guru: Excellent game! You have to talk to Isabelle. Get to her when she’s sleeping in the Town Hall after you build your first public works project.

Nintendo has recently said that this is not true, but some players believe that to grow certain hybrids, especially rose hybrids, you need to first grow either a “Special red rose” or grow a red rose that has came from a red-orange parent. Do you believe this is true? Thank you, Games Guru, and happy Animal Crossing.

Games Guru:  I love my New Leaf! I don’t think it’s true at all. Here’s all you need to know about creating hybrids:

I can’t find K.K. Aria. Is it a secret song? Also, how do I get Curlos to move into my town? Where is Katrina’s Fortune shop? I know I’ve gotten 20 fortunes from her.

Games Guru: What a great game. You’ll find that K.K. Aria is a song by K.K. Slider. Celia, Marcie, Knox, Billy, Boots, Becky and others play it in their homes. So go visit them. If you’ve gotten 20 fortunes, you’ll see her little store open up on Main Street. I think it’s near the photo booth.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the game animal crossing new leaf but I can’t think of any good boys names so could someone help think of some for me?

  2. YoLo=^) says:

    These are helpful!

  3. Game Guru Hater says:

    I know more than you can ever know!

  4. ryanjr says:

    it is cool

  5. tigertooth says:

    its so good!

  6. newleafer says:

    How do I get the café as a public works project

  7. wil says:

    How do you get brewstoids? I have worked at the roost for a long time and all he has given me are coffee items.

  8. buddy says:

    This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tiken wings says:

    awesome game!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bob says:

    unlock the island & catch a ton of bugs 2 get around 100,000 per round trip!!!!

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