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Animal Crossing

How do you exit the Donkey Kong Math Jr. game?

Games Guru: Try the Z button or the Start button. One of those should do the trick. If this doesn’t work, write back and I will take your question directly to the highest source — Nintendo.

Is there a code for Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda?

Games Guru: This is an excellent question that was hotly debated. I have never accessed Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda in Animal Crossing. From what I hear, 15 NES games are available in Animal Crossing, and codes for nine of those games are readily available, but Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda are not among them. Sorry.

How do you get a fishing rod?

Games Guru: You purchase the fishing rod at Nook’s Store. If it’s not in stock right away, return after a few days and it should be available.

What is the list of NES games and how do you get them? Like “You get Donkey Kong on your birthday.”

Games Guru: There are 15 NES games buried in Animal Crossing. They include Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Excitebike, Wario’s Woods and good old NES Baseball. You earn these games through a number of ways, but here’s a shortcut: Visit Tom Nook and say you want to talk about “other things,” then give him the following codes:

  • For Donkey Kong: 2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
  • For Golf: Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl
  • For Donkey Kong Jr. Math: bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
  • For NES Baseball: 1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp

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  1. lalalalalaQ says:

    you can also get punchout and ice climbers on this game. you need action replay to do it.

  2. meAT MAN says:

    Big news… YOU CAN GET LEGEND OF ZELDA AND SUPER MARIO ON ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!!!!, but unfortunatly, you need an action replay to do it :(
    P.S use the code entitled: have rare nes games, and make shure that you are the upper left house in town. have fun!

  3. starfall1234567890 says:


  4. Carbison says:

    They’re making this game for the Nintendo 3Ds and P.S. Sorry Rabbid, BUT FROBOT STINKS! Besides the video has a bad word in it.

  5. Rabbid says:

    Hey, who has Frobot and/or Agent S! pleez reply!

  6. Goldensundarkdawn says:

    How do u get a n64 or whatever the console is in gcn

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