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Animal Crossing

How do you exit the Donkey Kong Math Jr. game?

Games Guru: Try the Z button or the Start button. One of those should do the trick. If this doesn’t work, write back and I will take your question directly to the highest source — Nintendo.

Is there a code for Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda?

Games Guru: This is an excellent question that was hotly debated. I have never accessed Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda in Animal Crossing. From what I hear, 15 NES games are available in Animal Crossing, and codes for nine of those games are readily available, but Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda are not among them. Sorry.

How do you get a fishing rod?

Games Guru: You purchase the fishing rod at Nook’s Store. If it’s not in stock right away, return after a few days and it should be available.

What is the list of NES games and how do you get them? Like “You get Donkey Kong on your birthday.”

Games Guru: There are 15 NES games buried in Animal Crossing. They include Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Excitebike, Wario’s Woods and good old NES Baseball. You earn these games through a number of ways, but here’s a shortcut: Visit Tom Nook and say you want to talk about “other things,” then give him the following codes:

  • For Donkey Kong: 2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
  • For Golf: Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl
  • For Donkey Kong Jr. Math: bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp
  • For NES Baseball: 1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp

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25 Comments on Animal Crossing

  1. just hook up your gamboy advanced to the game cube the boat will be there lol


  2. To 172-Anonymous,

    Does it really work?

    From JAM

  3. Hey Shadow, what makes it happen?

  4. Anonymous // June 6, 2008 at 4:27 pm // Reply

    Sell 40 fossils 2 Tom Nook an d you will get a whistle. The go down 2 the beach and blow it and a boat should come and take you 2 an island

  5. hondabikegal // June 6, 2008 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    If you go to K.K. Slider on Saturday night and you have a tape deck or another sort of music player request Forest Life or Only Me remember the capitals or it won’t work!

  6. I got nookingtins!!

    It has two floors!

  7. Nookway becomes nookingtons after someone from another town buys something from him AND you sink 150,000bells buying stuff!

  8. you exit the nes games by hitting Z, L, and R at the same time.

  9. I mean that i’ve been hacked before and i plan on going to hackers town( i mean people who seed) And wreck it to make less hackers.Simple enough? I don’t plan on seeding but if i’m forced to i will. Hope that clears it up! Plus any one who Has the brick seed use it in seeders towns!Help lower the hackers!

  10. Two words: Breath mint // May 7, 2008 at 4:19 pm // Reply

    I am in love with this game! What is there not to like? 😀

  11. Shadow what do you mean seed?

  12. I’m Shadow, my duty is to tragot and destroy anyone who seeds peoples towns. I only seed people when i’m hired to.So if you know who i am don’t fear me unless u seed.

  13. If you plant bells with a golden shovel, you won’t get a tree full of bells.

  14. How do you get the golden axe?

  15. seera-chan // April 23, 2008 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    you get the golden shovel by having two shovels, burying one, and by digging it up 24 hours later. u get the golden fishing rod by catching all the fish on animal crossing. and u get the golden bug net by catching all the bugs on animal crossing. hope this helps u! ^-^

  16. hey NATEDOgg Da Pokemon Master please tell me the codes for all the nes games

    and how to get the golden shovel net and fishing rod!?

  17. seera-chan // April 8, 2008 at 12:50 pm // Reply

    and that thing to get nook to say other things… is that for gamecube or DS???

  18. seera-chan // April 7, 2008 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    i want to know how to get paintings! cuz idk how! T_T and what type of codes are there? like what are they for and stuff? just wondering!

  19. Animal crossing is my most favorite game in the whole wide world

  20. how to get choelacant

  21. a kid that needs help // March 29, 2008 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    can you get a gun, my friend said you could but i dont know

  22. How do u get littel momma she is in the you do know she is in it.

  23. To get the golden shovel you must have 2 shovels you make a hole with the shovel then you dump the shovel in the whole and then cover it then make sure that you know were you put the shovel to get the shovel the next day. Then you will find the golden shovel when you shovel it up and you will get lots of money from tom nook.

  24. I know how to get golden shovels.

  25. I think I know what you mean by pittfall. You barry something and keep it in there for a long, long time. WARNING: Do not do this if the item is something you really love

    or that item will not be there! I’m not theretening! It’s true!

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