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Rome: Total War

I am running out of family members to rule my settlements I capture. How can I get more family members fast?

Games Guru: I’m not sure it will work, but try this code anyhow. Press ~ on your keyboard. Type in add_population X Y. If that doesn’t work, type add_population where X is the name of your settlement and Y is the amount of population you want to add.

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  1. qwert says:

    the only thing i wish that this game would change is the turn based part of it, it makes gameplay slow, and thus, one will spend hours at it…

  2. Scouting 101 says:

    After 1 hour of playing as the Scipii family, I have conquered, well a lot of rebels, and CARTHAGE!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! (I’m not really evil, just excited)

  3. Bert says:

    Time to face the music armed with this great infrmotaoin.

  4. anybody says:

    you can turn off auto manage in the options menu so that you don’t have to have a Governor in that city. P.S. you should have a Governor in a city that has a lot of enemies attacking it.

  5. LEGOUniverseBetadude says:

    Love this game, as everyone has said there is not a cheat to use for more family members.

  6. jamwam says:

    does anyone have the code for money for total war

    • totalwarguy56781 says:

      the code is add_money 40000. also is empire total war any good, and what does my computer need to play it.

  7. monkeykiller says:

    by the way if you are the greeks in a quick battle all you need to defeat 4 armies of guys is 8 spartan hopilites. You just make a square formation at the beginging of the game where you start up and you can beat anyone except for basically any kind of artilery.

  8. Pokefrk says:

    My dad has this game and he beat it like 10 times. He has a special technique that traps the enemy.

  9. 00Mushroom says:

    I won Short Campaign As The Brutii But I not as anyone Else :(

  10. Qwaffles267 says:

    press ~ then type process_cq “name of place” to auto create all the buildings in your que only works once per start up.

    also if you type in give_trait “name of officer” “whatever trait”5 it gives your charachter that trait the best they can have it. yet again this only works once per start up.

  11. ROMAN says:

    is this game fun

    • monkeykiller says:

      this game is alot of fun. I studied Roman history two years ago and this game goes along with a lot that I studied. PS the best strategy game next to Empire Total war.

  12. Zed98 says:

    when the thing comes up asking about to accept the guys hand in marage for one of your girls (you can see them by viewing the family tree) always say yes that way more guys are born over time and like board said once they are born and sent to the capitol move them fast to the settlement you need them in.

  13. JJ says:

    i am going to get this game. my bro has it but he is in bosten

  14. bored says:

    I play the game alot it is a lot of fun but i have problems with the family thing too. You can’t keep a family member in a settlement for too long or the population will take a liking to the family member. Therefore, when you move him out they get angry, unless you have a huge army in the city( it has to be big so it is a waste of men and time and money). So you have to time it just right so they don’t start favoring the family member.

  15. mrbean says:

    adding population will not help any, since population does not affect the amount of family members born. instead, try moving family members around as needed. for example, bring in a family member into a settlement for a time so you can govern it. try to build buildings and recruit men during this period. once the settlement will be fine under automanagement, move the family member to another settlement that needs governing by a human. unfortunately, there is no one set way or cheat to add family members, you just have to wait for them to be born.

  16. ripstiker says:


  17. qwerty says:


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