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Battalion Wars

I am really stuck on the third to last level. I can’t get past all the gunships.

Games Guru: Are you using missile veterans to shoot down the gunships? Do you keep them in sentry mode? This level is challenging, but if you clear the flamethrowers out of your way quickly and use your missile vets on the gunships, you can beat the constantly screaming Ingrid.

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2 Comments on Battalion Wars

  1. To clone trooper,
    I have had trouble with that level in the western frontier. When you attack those ships that fly off, make sure you send your whole battalion to destroy the ship with the gold star while you defend them from the light tanks and bazooka vets with a coupla grunts.
    Bohemian, You just need to buy the game. Look for it on e-bay.
    Right now Im stuck in the beginning of the iron leigon where you have to get rid of the solar pannels that charge tanks. How can I protect my Prototype Battlestation?

  2. Bob from the western frontier // July 30, 2009 at 4:14 pm // Reply

    Yeah This game is awesome. Ive played Shadowroy64, And He beat me bad.

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