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Battalion Wars

I am really stuck on the third to last level. I can’t get past all the gunships.

Games Guru: Are you using missile veterans to shoot down the gunships? Do you keep them in sentry mode? This level is challenging, but if you clear the flamethrowers out of your way quickly and use your missile vets on the gunships, you can beat the constantly screaming Ingrid.

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  1. shadowroy64 says:

    To clone trooper,
    I have had trouble with that level in the western frontier. When you attack those ships that fly off, make sure you send your whole battalion to destroy the ship with the gold star while you defend them from the light tanks and bazooka vets with a coupla grunts.
    Bohemian, You just need to buy the game. Look for it on e-bay.
    Right now Im stuck in the beginning of the iron leigon where you have to get rid of the solar pannels that charge tanks. How can I protect my Prototype Battlestation?

  2. Bob from the western frontier says:

    Yeah This game is awesome. Ive played Shadowroy64, And He beat me bad.

  3. shadowroy64 says:

    Im getting Battalion wars 2 even though I havent Beaten the first one.
    I LOVE the series.
    You just get it from somewhere like wallmart or buy it on ebay, like I did.
    Im ten years old And I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!
    Im stuck on mission 5.
    It is really fun, but its hard to fight in a way that I would win.
    My favorite Kind of person is either a Bazooka veteran, or a Missile Veteran.
    If I were you and you would want the game, Get it from e-Bay or from Like, target.
    Its totally awesome.
    Though for some of you people Id put money down knowing that you are lying about saying its too easy.

  4. cooltravis says:

    i am almost done with the game i am stuck on the last level

  5. ? says:

    i own battalion wars 2

  6. ? says:

    i like it and i say ‘the solar empire is cool’

  7. Clone Trooper says:

    BB2 is asome but the second levl of the frontier is hard!

  8. MISSILEVET says:

    the level when you be the iron leigon use your gunships to destroy rocket troops and rifle grunts .only use one gunship to do that then call your other gunships to destroy the western frontier transport copter before it lands.send all infantry to destroy tank and m vets then get gunships to destroy b vets and artilorys and mortars then destroy the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TUNDRA says:

    I beat the level reeeeaaaal easy and with one unit. use a missile vet. theyre not like the ones on bwii they hit ground and air targets with the strength of a bazooka vet times 10 if you charge it. anyways dont worry about your battlestation just switch to a M vet and shoot everything. a M vet can take down a tank in seconds and gunships too. infantry are no prob just stay away from the flame vets and dont get too close when you fire. either way M vets are your best bet.

  10. Bohemian says:

    this game sounds fresh where can i get it? and is playing online free? or do i need gamespy account?

  11. guy says:

    i beat it last level too easy………………….

  12. Sceptile says:

    sup people i havent been on here for a long,long time on battalion wars2 i have have all s ranks on the solar empire, western frontier, anglo isles, and iron legion campains. i need the tundran territorries and ill have all s ranks on all campaigns!!!

  13. robert says:

    battalian wars is so aswome i love it it was hard somtimes thats why i want battalian wars two because i want a bigger harder better challangeand im 8 years old and im in 3rd grade and im a bear scout.

  14. bw3 man says:

    in wifi im awesome in sand castles

  15. Pwnz U says:

    If any of you have seen me on this game most likely you boosted my score =). But this is a great game, i love playing against people. its just pure fun. Although when people dissconnect it is lame = l. See you guys on the battle feild!

  16. BW3 man says:

    are they making a 3!!!!!!

  17. General says:

    Where can I find this game?

  18. pwnerer says:

    i pwn u newbs in this game

  19. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    yo mama is yayaya wanna c more of me go on twili princess (zelda and find me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  20. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    i mean bw2

  21. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    this game is awsome i love it i want the 1 for the wii (b2) and i want a wii

  22. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    destroyer u came 2 the rite place there coming out with a battilon war 2 it has multipler,co-op, different teams like solar empire and even xalvanians

  23. starboymn says:

    on the last mission take out the anti-air vehicles and nova’s gunships will protect you.

  24. fredfedburger9 says:

    answering question about third to last level: there are infanant gunships run from them

  25. Sceptile says:

    i have this game its so cool and funny.once when i was in battle i saw a grunt drop a gameboy and another dropped a teddybear when he died too

  26. Destroyer of ugly scum says:

    Battalion Wars is so freken cool. Though it would be nice if

    there was some kind of multiplayer

  27. Bob says:

    It’s a wait of money buing a Game Cube and then geting

    a second game for a differeny sistum.

  28. Bob says:

    Battalion Wars is cool. I pastthe hole game in 1 week.

    I just thinck Battalion Wars 2 should be for game cube to.

  29. wildwest says:

    I love this game.

  30. wildwest says:

    hey it isnt hard i have won the whole game!

  31. GameGuy says:

    It’s cool that you don’t have to shoot the machine gun in the jeep for the

    first couple of levels. It is an awesome game. They are comming out for

    battalion wars 2 for the wii. I bet it will be cool.

  32. yo mama says:

    This game is so cool.You need skill for MISSON 5.All Kinds of MISSLE VETS are


  33. yoy man says:

    missel vet s are also anti tank if you tell your whole battion aon tatians of turdra to attack a heavy tank the missal vet s missal will hit if the are close enough and if a enough hit the tank will go flying

  34. Fantasticle Mr.Nose says:

    I hated how they ignored General Herman at the end; he was awesome…

  35. death to all rebel scum says:

    the rifle man make the funniest comments if you idle for a bit but dont put them in sentry mode

  36. Assault Vet says:

    The level where you climb up the hill is next to impossible… There’s like no way of beating it!

  37. RIFLE grunt says:

    For the first unlock level, get higher than an 85% on Titans of Tundra. Be a bazooka vet and stay one until the end of the level.

    end transmission

  38. pkm fan6578 says:

    great game but very hard in the end

  39. game dude says:

    the second to last level is tough.

  40. Master of games says:

    It’s so cool how you controol small guys

  41. sonic says:

    come on now

  42. sonic says:

    how do you get the first secret level?

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