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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

I’ve defeated Malphas, and now I’m looking for the next seal so I can enter the room with Dario (Boss). Do you know where the third seal is?

Games Guru: Once you beat Malphas, use your newly acquired double jump to find the elf robe. Take it and head through the northeast and enter the room and save. You should now have everything you need, so head north up the hall and say hello to Dario.

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  1. Carbison says:

    This game STINKS. (Just like JB) My friend has never played it, but when he looked at the cover of it in Nintendo Power magazine, he could tell it was the worst game ever. (I think the worst game ever is Emergency! Disaster Rescue Squad for DS.)

  2. earthbounfan says:

    menace has 3 faces

  3. earthbounfan says:

    castlevania fan there are actuly 3 ends I know cause I got them all.

    • Carbison says:

      You mean it has multiple endings like Star Fox Command. Now I feel like this game has Star Fox Command reference

  4. XD Kakashi says:

    How many live has Menance?

  5. bummer the freak says:

    this game rotts. I got it and it crashed. It was new and when I went back the people to return it they said they no longer sold that game.

  6. Karen the office woman says:

    This game stinks. You kill zombies on the sidewalk of the mote.

  7. liveopain says:

    Hola! Where do I get the seal to battle the puppet master? I own this game but I can’t find that seal. I only have 2 seals.

  8. Soma Cruz82 says:

    After beating the Puppet Master, You need to go and fight Rahab. (he is in the subbteranean Hell area. It is located in south western area of dark chapel.)

  9. Soma Cruz82 says:

    I love Castlevania! I beat this one and Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow.

    And Castlevania IV, Castlevania, and I plan to get a new one. I have all souls and weapons. When doing boss rush mode, you can skip rooms. Equip cinquedia weapon and succubus soul. Walk to the right of the room. Use the soul, but before he finishes, press A. Quickly attack three times, then press A again. If you did this quickly enough, you will go through the right wall to the next room. It will let you get items like the RPG. to get the RPG weapon, beat boss rush in 5 minutes.

  10. castlevania-fan says:

    Sup dudes!!!!! i just got the castlevania double pack game and i owned aria of sorrow countless of times but not harmony of dissonance any of u got cheats? and by the way………i finished aria of sorrow when i was lvl 26 by using cheats to get to graham and go to the chaos relm without using the souls needed for the best ending

    FYI:both games have 2 different endings……

  11. shane says:

    arrr after we defeat the spider that give us pupet master what should i do next?????????????

  12. Anonymous says:

    try portait of ruin too

    its a fun game, and wifi is coop and trading items

    I give both dawn of sorrow and portrait of ruin a 9 out of 10

  13. cheat masta96 says:

    is this game fun? I own Castlevania harmony of disonce but ive never tryied this one.

  14. sora_21 says:

    I think caslevania is cool i have finished the game 25 times already but i wan’t all the souls 2 use in battle

  15. haaaa says:


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