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Command & Conquer Generals

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  1. googly says:

    does any1 know the c&c generals code

    • AndyPandy says:

      OKAY, LISTEN UP!!!!!!! The code for “Command and Conquer: GENERALS” is 1540-6330865-5170507-4348. This MAY NOT work for the following reasons: It’s from “The First Decade”, or there are different codes for each game disk.

  2. halonerdz says:

    china last level soo hard!gla just keep on coming.i try everything but it wont work

  3. Gamemaster says:

    Hello! I’ll be helping out with codes and game tips on select games. (I’ll be helping on both the original game and zero hour.)

  4. pippy says:

    my dad plays it and its not that hard

  5. gugu says:

    I bought command and conquer sero hour from store but I had it installed on a different computer and lost code does anyone know what it is.

  6. CCdiesfromEAgames says:

    It was an okay game, but a must for any blizzard fans out there.

    Its basically a warcraft/starcraft with modern war, it doesnt follow the normal rules of command and conquer…

    7/10, definitely worth the buy even though its somewhat outdated (1 point from compatibility, 1 from style, 1 from voice acting…) xP

  7. Interseption says:

    this game rules its so much better than the other C&C’s other than the new RED ALERT 3

    i like the exxpanshion ZERO HOUR because of the new air stuff like tactical nuke migs and king raptor ect.

    • David says:

      If you like Zero Hour, try Command and Conquer Generals ShockWave! They add new features! It is so cool! Look at the Trailer!

  8. ghost says:

    i need the installment codes i had instlled it on another computor and lost the box so now i cant install it on my new one

  9. i says:

    i need someones code i lost my box

  10. Superweapons General says:

    Matt, the installment code is in the lower left corner of the back of the case. There isn’t just one code. If anybody likes this game, then you should try the expansion pack!

  11. rodent says:

    ill like to buy this two weeks from now

  12. eugen says:

    hey…give me somme secret codes from this game please…

  13. Matt says:

    i need the installment code for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. i know this is not that game, but please!!!!!

  14. Bohemian says:

    I did’nt like this game as much as the others but deffinately like the music. Man i used to play red alert 1 when i was 4 years old!!!! can you believe that a 4 year old could actualy play a C&C game!!! That was like a decade ago when the tanks looked like someone drew them! Any way i beat the game on easy (boo!! : < of course) with i think USA and GLA but the China campaign escaped me. The last level was tuff when there up on that mountain. Tryed massive invasions of OverLords with gattling cannaons on top of some,and bunkers full of missile troops on top of others. Thought i could get em easy. But back then i was not quit 4 but still to young to know that a hundred tanks don’t allways carry the day! If any hears what im saying give a comment please.

  15. rogerius says:

    ditto, I also need the command and conquer generals installment code–please. Thanks!

  16. princedreamchild says:

    does anyone have the installment code for command conquer generals please i need them

  17. General says:

    I like games that you can take over land and build up your arm. How can I find this game and games like it and where

  18. Panzerkommander says:

    What’s the basic gist of this game? I’ve heard alot about it. For you RTS fans, you should check out the game Blitzkrieg. It’s a very historically accurate WW2 RTS. You can get it for about $10 at Target. Probably the best RTS ever!

  19. AlphaGeek says:

    This game is awesome. I am really good at it. The Zero Hour Expansion is really worth getting. My favorite part of ZH is the General’s Challenge. It has some awesome maps and really challenging Scenarios. I rate this game a 10.

  20. oreus says:

    I have red alert 1 and 2 and the c&c generals play disk but I need a install disk

    to play. It realy stinks.

  21. doug says:

    I really want to play too so bad.When i was 8 years old we where moving from new York and my dad had command and conquer Genarel and the other kind of version of command and conquer on his laptop.So i asked my dad if i can play command and conquer.He sayed no! Maybe after we and the movers eat and seetlle there food down there stomacks.Well I was very beord untill i had the best day of my life.

  22. the top sergant says:

    the grafics are really cool and i really like what the units say when you move them around

  23. nigel says:

    i want to play it

  24. madmd says:

    Dang! i beat GLA in ZERO HOUR and r finishing w/ china and USA

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