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Wii Sports Resort

Where is the final secret target in Wii archery after you get the 12 secret targets?

Games Guru: Did you get the Counter Clock target? It’s to the left of the rock pillar. Before that, there’s a Cantaloupe, right above the usual target.

How do you defeat the basketball champions? I need some help.

Games Guru: Just keep passing until you get open to get a shot. Make sure you have an opening between your guy and the defender. Always be ready on defense to jump up and block their shots.

How do you get the secret shot in the 100 pin match in bowling?

Games Guru: This is a cool thing to do:

1. Roll the ball very close to the right or left gutter guard.

2. Set your position (with the Direction and Position options on the D-pad) before your move to the gutter guard.

3. The dotted line should be almost parallel to the gutter guard. But turn it toward the gutter guard just a little.

4. Do it right and the ball rides the gutter guard throughout, and switches on the red button at the bottom.

5. A noisy earthquake knocks down the many pins!

6. To get the Perfect Score (3000 points), you have to get 13 Secret Strikes in a row.

I’m stuck in Archery. One of the stamps says there is a secret target to everybody. How do I know what that secret target is?? Please HELP!

Games Guru: Yes, there is a Secret Target to Everybody. It appears once you finish all the other secret targets.

Tips for Wii Sports Resort?

Games Guru: Here are a few:

– A well-placed block in Swordplay will knock your opponent off balance, giving you time to counterattack.

– When playing Basketball, pretend you’re actually shooting hoops: bend your knees, get good arc on the ball and follow through with your wrist.

– Surprise your opponent in Table Tennis by putting spin on the ball. Twist your wrist as you swing your Wiimote to send the ball spinning to the left or right.

– Your aim is best in Archery when you hold the Nunchuk back for a few moments after drawing your arrow.

– In Golf, take well-measured swings and don’t overdo it. Keeping your wrists straight at the moment you hit the ball is the key to straight drives, chips and putts.

– You might not always want to roll your Bowling ball directly at the pins. Try angling it to one side while adding some spin.

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  1. wii resort is the only game i play

  2. i have won Island flyover for my friends you just have to
    check all the islands and one will pop up!

    • the hardest icon was deepsea diving spot i was stunned after looking so long and then finding it the weridest part was that migual helped me find it

  3. zelda pwnr how did you do that:-0

  4. this game is awesome

  5. where can you find the cheapest wii motion plus in enland

  6. Where do you find the last three hardest icons in Island Flyover???

    Please Respond :)

    • find out yourself

    • Lava Monument- In the volcano.
      Flight Team- Somewhere in the sky. Speed boost to get them.
      Miguel’s Guide Plane- Get the stamp for following him for 3 minutes, then speed boost your way to him. If you lose him, press 1 to shoot a flare. He’ll respond by shooting one too.

    • i don’t know but my dad is almost done with it so i mite be able to tell you then.

    • that is a hard question because you can find them all in a different order<sorry

  7. Island Flyover is the bast


  9. Don’t forget to show how you did it!

  10. In swordplay, you can still block after your hit got blocked.

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