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Madden NFL 10

Do you have any tips for the Wii version?

Games Guru: John Madden retired from TV, but he’s still in the game. Some tips for this year’s edition for Wii:

- When using the Point and Pass controls, lock on to your receiver by holding down the Z button. This will also keep your opponent from knowing who you’re throwing to.

- In Huddle Up mode, friends help you by knocking down players on the other team, giving you more time to find an open receiver.

- Hold the C button and the Z button as the play is ending to trigger instant replay.

- Madden Showdown is a game of strategy. Pay close attention to your opponent’s predictions, and you just might be able to use them to your advantage.

- On fourth down and short, try a quarterback sneak up the middle. You might catch your opponent off guard and break a long one. Beware of fumbling, though.

- Put your wide receiver in front of the defender for the best chance of catching a deep ball.

- Enter the code ALLSTARS to play in the Pro Bowl stadium. Check the EA Extras Web site for more codes.

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Comments about “Madden NFL 10”

  1. bob says:

    i need help on madden 13!

  2. Shadowscout12 says:


  3. sluggerkid says:

    Have 2012 don’ want to move down.

  4. Levis says:

    Wii Rocks I love this game :)

  5. Greenbay Packers says:

    I have Madden 09, not Madden 10 but I’m getting it for Christmas

  6. teeto301 says:

    I GOT MADDEN 12 FOR 50% off!

  7. champion says:

    i have never got beatten

  8. hman says:

    scored 170 points one time

  9. Addibones says:

    I have just won 4 straight super bowls i love it

  10. anonomous says:

    please reply with your faviorite team :)

  11. james bond says:

    there is a cheat code to unlock everything it is THEWORKS trust me it works

  12. chessmaster says:

    sweet game. Does it have a regular 1 player season mode like previous maddens, or does it only have the “road to the super bowl” thing?

  13. bogoboy says:

    I won the Super Bowl and I think that this game is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nick says:

    for the ps2 game you need to go to Game Stop they have some.

  15. nick says:

    I love using the Blitz move

  16. nick says:

    This game is cool

  17. lzsour says:

    I find a play that I like and use it a lot

  18. stuey says:

    does anyone know any cheats for the ps2 version

  19. big boy says:

    I agree with jake “it rocks”

  20. jake says:

    it rocks

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