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Donkey Kong

I found this on After you get to the top, Donkey Kong takes the girl and goes higher, and keeps on doing this. Is he supposed to? Also, I don’t get How High Can You Get.

Games Guru: Donkey Kong continues to take Pauline higher until you defeat him and rescue her—in the girder stage in which you knock the pins out of the steel girder building and it collapses, spilling DK on his head. Sadly, the rescue is short lived. From there you return to the barrel-jumping stage, followed by the spring factory, followed by the cement factory. As I’m sure you know, you simply continue and Jumpman (Mario’s original name in this game) never really gets the girl.

(BTW, the cement factory level, my favorite, isn’t on the NES version of Donkey Kong. Bummer.)

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  1. wolf says:

    I can not get past level 2 on wii plz help

  2. herpderp says:

    A giant 8-bit Donkey Kong vs. normal-size 8-bit Mario in the final stage in the 3DS version of Donkey Kong? WHOA. Just whoa.

  3. 3dGameMan says:

    i have this on my 3DS and the last level is a giant DK you have to defeat

  4. Cj ty says:

    I have the gameboy one.

  5. Someone You Don't Know says:

    I have this game on my GBA. It is part of the Classic NES Series games. I know, it’s hard. I can only get past Level 1! I bet it’s only easy for the experts!

  6. ilikeyoshi says:

    this game is awesome!)

    • pacman_better_than_yoshi says:

      For five weeks or more, I could always check on my dad and watch him play this game.Oh, yeah,Yoshi is gross because he’s always eating goombas!!! Who knows where those Goombas have been!!!

  7. ilikeyoshi says:

    ive been on alot of sites and i havent been able to go up levels!!

    • DARTH VADER 101 says:

      That’s because on the online version, they only remade 1 level.Also,online there’s no hammer and sound is slightly distorted.

  8. Xplant says:

    Have any of you ever seen the kill screen? It’s where everything ends. It’s like on stage 36 of the cement factory. In total, stage 187. What happens on the kill screen is that once you get to the middle, the game has no data left, and you just immediately die. Even if you didn’t get hit by a barrel/whatever. Even if you had some lives left. I saw this on a movie called King of Kong.

    • not really says:

      not really its that it reduces its timer a big mistake and sets it to seven seconds until it automatically kills you plus its the barrel level xplant

  9. sonic x says:

    the game is so easy. i have on the virtual console for wii

  10. Jlee says:

    cool game

  11. Spike says:

    You know, for those of you who don’t have a NES, just get a Wii! You can download games like Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario 64, etc.

    • Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 says:

      If you want this game get for wii, unless you are like me and have a NES, than get it for that!

  12. Silver Spiker says:

    In reply to 3-DILL:

    There’s no top.

    Super Bummer.

  13. kenz says:

    I would like some new games for my nintendo DS and Wii.

  14. Frustrated Player says:

    How the heck do you get past Squirt’s Showdown in Donkey Kong Country III??? (I’m playing it on a Nintendo Gameboy SP.)

    • Pedro and Ordep of the galaxy says:

      You squirt water at him when his eyes are visible as ellie the elephant.(P.S.I got to the Lost World and my favorite level is called “Stampede Sprint”.)

  15. max_aran says:

    my dad loves this game were gonna get it soon on the wii

  16. Cacklettaconquerer says:

    This game is so dull it only has 3 levels!

  17. Kino the deciever says:

    This game ont eh NES is fun and I think you can unlock Bowser as a boss if you get enough points. You will just play the game like normal, only Bowser will replace Donkey Kong and the levels will be a bit harder.

  18. matue10 says:

    its dumb that “jumpman” never saves pauline. weird.

  19. Tono says:

    DO you get the yellow pegs on level one hundred or do walk into the force shields

  20. Tono says:

    pauline is named peach

  21. bible boy says:

    clyde is not nuts its truu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. bill says:

    CLYDE is nuts.

  23. CLYDE says:


  24. Ash Ketchum says:

    i like DK a LiL,but not tat much.

  25. 9dave9 says:

    my donkey kong game will not start because it needs a rare memory card that my mom got rid of but is was my favorite video game

  26. a very good at cheating gamer says:

    I love the gameplay but boy do those graphics stink I’d much rather play super mario.

  27. DILL says:

    How do you get to the top

  28. cruckmun says:

    its like the coolest old game ever

  29. yona says:

    i like donkey kong very much!

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