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Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

Which rock do you blast in order to get the last Z exhibit?

Games Guru: I’m not sure where you are. I can tell you that there are 15 Z Exhibits. The last one is in Pilaf’s Castle, Goten Level 145. You have to go to the area marked 26 (the upper left part of the castle). Defeat the Power Mechanoid on the left to get Exhibit 15.

How do you beat Majin Buu?

Games Guru: As it turns out, you will need to face Majin Buu several times in Buu’s Fury. The first time you fight him, he will have an accomplice named Babidi. In that first fight, you must stun Babidi before you can hurt Majin Buu. In the next fight with Majin Buu, use instant transmissions to hit him. In the third fight, try using the spirit bomb.

How do you beat Kid Buu with vegeta?

Games Guru: The trick here is to stun Babidi. You cannot hurt Buu until Babidi is stunned.

Comments about “Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury”

  1. skullkid says:

    in the training for the world tornement how do you hit vegeta

  2. Huy Guy says:

    Bibidi, Babidi, Buu!

  3. BBA says:

    Where are each of the Z-Fighter Exhibits found.

  4. Great Seia Man says:

    Where do you find what goes in the plug on Babidis space ship?

  5. game says:

    you can get the fusion icon for goku and vegeta so they could fuse into gogeta but you will have to get all the z-fighter exhibit and return them into the z-fighter museum

  6. Anonymous says:

    to anonymous: i think i saw the video, he probably hacked it

  7. JayAW says:

    The enemies at Pilaf’s castle can walk on the water. They will either walk on it alone or you can punch/kick them onto it. However you cannot do the same.

  8. Anonymous says:

    how do u make the game glitch cause i saw on youtube that a person got a whole lotof extra characters can some one help me

  9. Jak + Gogeta = Gogeta says:

    Best Game Ever Made

  10. boohead84 says:

    Theres Vegito and Gogeta which one do you mean?

  11. gogeta super ssj 4 says:

    where to get all of the hercule exhibits and z fighters exhibits

  12. Ineedagodo De Baffroom says:

    I wanna know how to get Gogeta!

  13. ssj3gohan says:

    i cant open the level 140 gate in the east district 439 and my gohan is at level 200 please hellp

  14. harudagarn55 says:

    This game rules!!

  15. winner of game says:

    you can get the crystal something from Dabura in heaven. it increases the damage done to enemies done by energy need a fighter to be lv. 155!

  16. gotenks says:

    if u wnt u gotenks u fuse goten and trunks

  17. vegeta says:

    its a cool game to play

  18. Cell says:

    oii , it wont let me break the level 140 barrier with Gohan in the east district 439 area and im level 186 = [ it says Gohan cannot open this gate, its my last Z fighters exhibit i need aswell

  19. goku200 says:

    where and how to get the root beer for the man at the thieves den

  20. omega shenron says:

    i can’t get the bansho fan (one of the exibits)

  21. omega shenron says:


  22. gotenks + gogeta =gotega says:

    my friend told me that once you get gogeta at yemma’s office there’s a crack in the wall that you can break but only with that true. please tell me the answer i’m desperate to find out.

  23. gogeta+vegito=gvita says:

    i think that the game rocks. but for some reason i can’t seem to find the rock that you blast then it makes a trail to the z fighter exibite the bansho fan.

  24. lol i have gogeta says:

    guys i heard you can be teen geten an trunks but how?

  25. one question says:

    where are all the z fighter exibits and hercule exibits

  26. one question says:

    Where are all the hecule exibits, and the other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  27. dbz, s bigest fan says:

    i tride blasting the rock,s but nothing happind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Supersaiyan Trunks says:

    i got alll my gouys to level 200 and I have Gogeta! Hes awsome!!! i mean his Dragon Fist kill everyone. If you get him, congrats. My last Exihbit was the one where You have to be Gohan and open that gate (You have to be 140) And therers rocks veery where. You will be able to blast one of those giant rocks and then there will be a path you follow that and it leads you to a chest. Open it and you get an exibit. And theres 2-3 exibits near the volcano (Thats where you battle Broly).

  29. dbzlover says:

    the game is the best

  30. Felix says:

    all my characters are at leval 200 so the the games easy for me but still what do you do with the key you get at grandpa gohans house?

  31. Anonymous says:

    this might be wierd but if u wach dragonballz kryptonite song with gohan and there’s a part where he fight buu at night and i dont know what episode that is can some body help please even thou this for a games i would like to know the episode

  32. big k says:


  33. wolf says:

    it’s cool

  34. Sinnerj says:

    Unfortunately, no you can’t be. I’ve already beaten the game twice and he hasn’t shown.

  35. Sinnerj says:

    Well to get Gogeta, you have to find all Hercule and Z Fighter exhibits. After you have all exhibits take them to the places they belong. Gogeta should then be unlocked.

  36. Easy to me says:

    Gogeta is one of the hidden characters and you get him by getting all your people to lvl. 200 and get all the z fighter and hercule exhibits.Then you can fuse as goku or vegeta.Oh yeah, you cant get hercule thats only in legacy of goku 2

  37. DBZRULES!!! says:


  38. DBZRULES!!! says:

    how do u get gogito i beat the game twice couse 1 of my freinds said thats how u get him

  39. jack501 says:

    how do you get hurcule

  40. jack501 says:

    HOW DO YOU GO TO THE TURNAMENT ON THE SECOND LVL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. w says:

    how do you get hercule

  42. big k says:

    gohan strike as fast as possible to beat him

  43. big k says:

    s.e.o dragon ball gt transformation

  44. questionare says:

    u can get bonus carechters how???

  45. boy with maliria says:

    well roy u cant exzctilly beat buu but u can turn him nice bye beating the game

  46. roy says:

    can you be buu

  47. lnclot3 says:

    dont stop punchin

  48. gohon rules says:

    how do i beat the dude with vidal she is weak in health

  49. S.E.O says:

    What game is after DBZ Buu’s fury on GameboyAdvanceSP.

  50. bb says:

    How can you get the Bouns character on Buus Fury.

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