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Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

Which rock do you blast in order to get the last Z exhibit?

Games Guru: I’m not sure where you are. I can tell you that there are 15 Z Exhibits. The last one is in Pilaf’s Castle, Goten Level 145. You have to go to the area marked 26 (the upper left part of the castle). Defeat the Power Mechanoid on the left to get Exhibit 15.

How do you beat Majin Buu?

Games Guru: As it turns out, you will need to face Majin Buu several times in Buu’s Fury. The first time you fight him, he will have an accomplice named Babidi. In that first fight, you must stun Babidi before you can hurt Majin Buu. In the next fight with Majin Buu, use instant transmissions to hit him. In the third fight, try using the spirit bomb.

How do you beat Kid Buu with vegeta?

Games Guru: The trick here is to stun Babidi. You cannot hurt Buu until Babidi is stunned.

Comments about “Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the giant airship?

  2. danny says:

    it is fun but i have seen more awsome then it.

  3. SSJVEGATA says:

    dragon ball z is da bomb

  4. ss4 goku says:

    who has goten pass the steel doors

  5. super trunks says:

    How to get the banjo fan

  6. zero says:

    i have been playing this game for long time untill all my characters levels is 200 ihad gone to southest forest to open 120 so i played vegeta which level is 200 but when i want to open door the game said vegeta can’t open this dooor but he is level 200 plz help

  7. vegito says:

    You cn get them by hcking the,game

  8. vegito says:

    I got vegito gogeta and hercule, videl,

  9. Qwerty says:

    All my characters are level 200!!! I finally unlocked piccolo!!!

  10. Goku Says: says:

    It’s a good game.

  11. den says:

    i want to play dragan ball z game

  12. Ph3n0 says:

    how do i break the steel doors? (gohan lvl 140 in east district) i’m 185 and ca’t open it

  13. jdm says:

    it look fun

  14. bubba says:

    i dont no how to find the secret place at barenwastland in help

  15. drago says:

    use powerful moves. the closer you get the stronger the moves. how do i play games on boys

  16. gogeto says:

    how do you get kid buu

  17. budokaimaster says:

    where is the giant airship?can someone please help me?

  18. Anonymous says:

    wheres the boxing glove

  19. popoish says:

    How to enter the character gate 140 in east district 439? Why Goten cannot open the gate? Goten is already lvl 151?plss!!!! tell me the answer so that i can get the z-fighter exibit!!!

  20. zapper says:

    can you get gogeta with out the exibits like is there a cheat to get gogeta without having to get exibits and also how do you get vegito

  21. Z fighter 200 says:

    if you want to unlock Gogeta, get all z fighter and hercule exhibits p.s. gogeta is goku and vegeta fused

  22. Mapletip says:

    Dragon Ball Z Rock$ …Best way To get to level 200 First you have to be level 140
    Then go to Barren wasteland and Kill atmost 127 monsters and you will be level 200.

    (I have GoGeta but… How do you get Vegito?

  23. gotank's says:

    I’m looking for the last Z-Fighter exhibit if anyone can help post me some answers!

  24. Gogeta fan says:

    I love this game so I’ll give u Dragonball locations
    -Giant Airship
    -Furukuo Forest
    -Pilaf’s Castle
    -Diablo Desert
    -Kyodia Pyramid
    -Thieve’s Den
    -Nataday Village(if you compeleted those 6 locations on the top)

  25. goku says:

    once a character is level 200 unequip all waits from him all waits will be useless

  26. oWo says:

    He is talking abour Kid Buu , no the fat Majin Buu -.-

  27. Anonymous says:

    i want to play DRAGAN z games

    ps i go to SCOOL TOMROOW




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