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DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku II

Are there any codes?

Games Guru: These aren’t codes, but here are two cool things:

Shining Characters — To get a shining character, turn super sayan and then use up most of your energy. Hold the A button down when you return to normal. Let go of the A button, and your character will still be shining.

Raise Health Fast — Go to the Capsule Corp. Chat with Bulma’s mom. She will give you a cookie. Keep talking to her, and you will be able to train then recharge with the cookies.

I need to intercept the androids on Roshi’s Island. Please help! I only have Piccolo, lv. 30.

Games Guru: I’m not sure exactly you are, but I hope this helps. On the map, fly to the star to get to Roshi’s Island. Go in front of the house on the island where Piccolo will inform 17 that you have to go to a smaller island to battle. Use the Flight Pad to travel there. That’s where you’ll have an epic boss fight.

What do I do now that I have Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta and Gohan level 50? I am running out of things to do.

Games Guru: It looks like you have gotten your money’s worth.

How do you get the three dinosaur eggs to the dinosaur to destroy one of Dr. Guru’s generators to get in his lab?

Games Guru: Ugh, you have chosen a tough task to ask about. You must avoid the tiger bandits and the eggbots. Here’s the deal: You are going to head east, then south, then curl around back toward the west. If you hug the lower wall as you initially head east, you should be able to slip past the eggbots. Then inch forward till you can just see the tiger bandit. When it heads up the screen, you must dash past, making sure you do NOT hit the walls.

Head to the far right edge of the screen as you turn south, then head west along the upper edge of the screen. As before, you must inch forward so you can see the tigerbots’ arms, then stop and wait until they are moving away from you before dashing forward.

I have heard that Vegeta is the best character to use for this level because of speed, but I don’t know if this is correct.

Which character should I use against Dr. Gero? Vegeta at level 21, Piccolo at level 23, Gohan at level 11 or should I keep training them? If so, what level should I train them to?

Games Guru: Definitely go with Vegeta. You should have Super Saiyan already. If so, go with Vegeta. If not, get Super Saiyan and go with Vegeta.

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26 Comments on DragonBall Z: Legacy of Goku II

  1. jamie do you know?

  2. and where is the last namek?

  3. where does piccolo live?

  4. u get goku l8r in the game he is very gd

  5. how do you get goku

  6. i hate the game

  7. Anonymous // June 8, 2007 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    i hate this game

  8. no problem

  9. dbzrules!!! // May 25, 2007 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    thx u wher right thank you big time

  10. the last generator is under vinny house to the left there are switches. you have turn some on and off.

    do in this order from left

    off on off off on on

  11. dbzrules!!! // May 23, 2007 at 10:02 pm // Reply

    how do u find the last generater i got the 1 on the right and the dinosoure one so plz help please tell me the directoins to find it too plz

  12. lv 45 vegeta 27 trunks 33 picolo 32 gohan

    all genrators =)

  13. Where are the genartors i am lv 35 vegeta stuck got the dinosaur one and the one to the right help???

  14. Where is the last generator got the one to right and dinosuar where is last 1 plz help?

  15. dragonbal Z the legacy of goku 2 was so cool i beaten the whole game! and it was hard. there are 1 facing Dr. Gero four times and 2 facing Android 17 three times and 3 finding the three generators to get to Dr. Geros lab.

  16. my piccolo is at level 100! it said i was a super saiyan! 🙂

  17. chaksanam // May 6, 2007 at 10:43 am // Reply

    the gold capsles let u reach the world map anywhere except inside buildings

  18. Are there any cheats for Senzu Beans in VBA?


  20. blahblahblah // April 5, 2007 at 12:35 am // Reply

    There’s an auto charge move:As Gohan or Vegeta,use big bang or masenko and press start

  21. thanks

  22. if you get all gold capsules and go to the professor guy and he will let you keep one it can teleport you anywhere

  23. The gameplay is awsome and clearly follows the story of the dbz saga, though they could have been more elaborat with the story of cooler(took only 5 min to get rid of once you got to namek)…. and i never got all the gold capsules so who knows what they were for

  24. goku is

  25. this is tightfor a game

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