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Advanced Wars Two: Black Hole Rising

I need to know how to defeat the little girl when she says that in seven days we will lose. Any suggestions?

Games Guru: Rather than walk you through this entire scenario, I will try to give you some objectives. First, keep your Copter safe. Move it where the enemy will not get it. Second, use your battleship to take out their rockets and your cruiser to chase their sub, and your sub to protect your battleship. This should put you in a safe and powerful position to launch your invasion and eventually take their base.

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  1. Shidelsky says:

    What’s this game rated?

  2. PwnerofAll says:

    Go to ”Design Mode” and click on ”Map”. Then hold the L and R buttons while it’s loading. Once you get there, you should see a map with three Japanese letters on it made out of mountains.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is asome but how do you get past the death ray level I just keep dying can you give me tips

  4. Xterminator says:

    Wow, another AW fan. Hasn’t been any comments for a while. By the way, this is the page for Advance Wars 2. Motorcycles are only in Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict.

    I’m convinced this is the best handheld game I’ve ever played, better than any DS game. And I have a lot of DS games.

  5. Alter says:

    @ EL nino: Either play on a harder difficulty setting, or use an item such as an Action Replay.
    @ taco man: Use lots of motorcycles.

  6. taco man says:

    it is a pretty cool game is just how do you bet the girl boss on the blue moon level?

  7. trogzilla says:

    is a awsome game so is pokemon

  8. hawke says:

    EL nino try hard campaign it is hard but u get more cash

  9. EL nino says:

    does any1 now how to get more funds

  10. game sage says:

    I have a tip for this game. If you get s rank you get to buy sturm and if you get a rank you get nell

  11. magma ruler210 says:

    get to jump then go off to the base

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