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Starfox Adventures

I am stuck on level three on Ice Mountain. I don’t know how to travel across the lava. Can you help? 

Games Guru: Do not go into the lava. Head right and you will see these two big plant thingamabobs. Hit them with your staff and feed them to Tricky. Now have Tricky dig in the crack and uncover a door switch. Have Tricky sit on the switch while you head in to find a small hole. Use your staff in the hole and a pillar will raise out of the lava. Cross the lava on that pillar.

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  1. bren says:

    i need cheats to beat test 3 in star fox adventures

  2. Sim says:

    how do you open the gate to in the light foot

  3. jcon1123 says:

    sorry i meant test of strength for the turbo

  4. jcon1123 says:

    there is a cheat for the the test of fear you need a controller with a turbo button then use the turbo on the a button then do the test and hold down A

  5. jcon1123 says:

    wait… never mind i just found out

  6. jcon1123 says:

    how do i get to the ocean force point temple???

  7. starfox45 says:

    to get past the test of strength get a battire and rub it over and back on the a button

  8. starfox34 says:

    when u get to dragon rock and u free krystals cloud runner ,how many poles do u have to destroy to finish that part?

  9. NICKK says:


  10. the nerd whith the brain says:

    did you know that krystal turns EVIL in the game after this one,she’s a star wolf lover ,my advice,never trust her or any thing she says.

  11. Me says:

    I find good old fashioned button mashing works just fine on the light foot test. It’s a little hard but don’t give up and it will work.

  12. Ballmeister says:

    Im stuck on the light foot test, the test of strength, is there a way to cheat on this test?

  13. jackywacky says:

    well, i do kno a way to beat the part where u have to get your staff. there is a bomb thingy. put it on dat place where .if you stand, the air goes up. up there, there is a disguise as a sharpclaw. now, go to the guard and he’ll give it to u. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. wiii says:

    I Dont Kno What Buttons to press to flip the arwing

  15. I says:

    i know how to pass the test of strenght. hold your controoler on your leg and press with both point finger repeatly the A button.

  16. anonymous says:

    thank you so much the spoon thing is great i love it

  17. GAMER_GIRL says:


  18. michael says:

    how do you get past ice mountain.

  19. Anonymous says:

    can’t seem to light the beacon after the first boss, (part 21) Kaosomething LOL palace, doesn’t matter how I try to shoot at it it doesn’t make the noise it’s suppose to make and I can’t open the door behind me.

    Can somebody help me?
    Thank you

  20. crazykid101 says:

    what do u do after u reach the gold mine and there is a crack i the wall?

  21. HaseoXth says:

    for the fire tree just hit the tree when the stuff falls out hit it and collect it

  22. billz says:

    to do the light foot village test get a turbo controler!

  23. qasder says:

    In starfox adventures how do you get past the level with the jellyfish looking things?

  24. NovaXP says:

    most people have dificulty with the test of strength. i take a spoon and while u r doing the test of strength you rub the spoon up and down on the A button. it works like a charm. :)

    • Doesn't have a name says:

      It doesn’t work. I’ve tried it and I was sent straight into the pit. How lovely. Seriously, it doesn’t work.

  25. starfoxXlove says:

    Oh, oh…
    I can’t get past the “Test Of FEAR”!

    I need help!

  26. starfoxXlove says:

    When you get to the “Test of Strength”, take a spoon and start rubbing the bottom across the A-button…really fast.

    It works (^_^)b

  27. zman says:

    please hurry

  28. zman says:

    how do i get past light foot village

  29. Anonymous says:

    what game system is this game for

  30. shcrss says:

    how do i get a bag up grade to carrey more of the money things

  31. Anonymous2 says:

    you can beat the test of strength by rubbing the shaft of a pen back and forth across the A button rapidly

  32. Annie says:

    bob–for the test of strength, i could never get it either. but if you put the controller between your feet, (laughs) then take both pointer fingers you can tap the ‘A’ button faster then him. it really works. or “button mash ” with one hand, whichever is easier for you.

    and for those of you struggling with the TEST OF FEAR: if it actually affects you seeing whats coming at you, put a pillow or blanket infront of the tv –all except for the top meter which you’ll need to see. it really works ;)

  33. Annie says:

    i’m with Higz, how do you light the beacons after the first boss.

    yeah it has something to do wit hthe firetree, but all you ever do is get burnt when they fall ?!

  34. Anonymous says:

    the earth walker queen is past those gaurds.

  35. bob says:

    on starfox adventures in lightfoot village I can’t beat the test of strength how do I win.

  36. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Hello, I’m asking a question about the first Starfox game because there’s no Starfox thing that doesn’t make me give away my E-mail adress. Anyway, in the first Starfox game, how do I get more lives?

  37. Skywalker says:

    Here is an easy way to beat the musclefoot guy Take an intec turbo controller hold A and turn on the turbo and keep holding a and eventually you will beat him

  38. 2000z says:

    in order to beat the test of strength you must let him push you to the edge and start slower and as you push away from the edge you have to push faster and you will build momentum enough to nock him into the hole.

  39. dinomite says:

    the test of strength is not possible please could u tell an easier way to do it

  40. Anonymous says:

    please help! mostly everyones is stuck here the test of strenth in light foot village. no matter how much i tap A, i cant beat him. but thisshould help others. kk when u face the guy dont let him try his hardest. so when u get him to the tip of the hole dont let him try his hardest and shock u.even i havnt beat it yet but its just some advice

  41. higz says:

    how do you light the beacons when you have beaten the first boss, Im assuming it has something to so with the fire tree???

  42. zakster says:

    hey, deoxys, i’ve got a question for you, if you beat the starfox game a million times, how did you get past the test of strength in lightfoot village?

  43. dr.zetaman says:

    im answering 2 questions 1: you get past the guard by going around the cages swiping the disduise and get the staff.2 you must buy a scarab bag in the store and i cant beat muscle foot either

  44. Skywalker says:

    Where is the Earthwalker Queen?

  45. Supersonic says:

    The test of strength is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!:(

  46. hurricain says:

    I am stuck in the prison, without my staff. please tell me how to get my staff from the sleeping guard

    • Anonymous says:

      go into the room with the fan.Then put the bomb in the middle and stand on the switch and wait for it to explode.then open your menu for the sharpclaw costume

  47. lilycat says:

    How we pass the second test (beet the strong guys) in the lookfoot village not sure for the name thanks for your help

  48. Sceptile says:

    its a cool game

  49. Anonymous says:


    • lexi says:

      well i have a hundred (ive been on it for a year now) scarabs mainly you just buy it in the store, you can also earn.

  50. deoxys says:

    star fox adventures is tight! i have beeten it a million times!!!!1

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