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Starfox Adventures

I am stuck on level three on Ice Mountain. I don’t know how to travel across the lava. Can you help? 

Games Guru: Do not go into the lava. Head right and you will see these two big plant thingamabobs. Hit them with your staff and feed them to Tricky. Now have Tricky dig in the crack and uncover a door switch. Have Tricky sit on the switch while you head in to find a small hole. Use your staff in the hole and a pillar will raise out of the lava. Cross the lava on that pillar.

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  1. how do you light the beacons when you have beaten the first boss, Im assuming it has something to so with the fire tree???

  2. hey, deoxys, i’ve got a question for you, if you beat the starfox game a million times, how did you get past the test of strength in lightfoot village?

  3. im answering 2 questions 1: you get past the guard by going around the cages swiping the disduise and get the staff.2 you must buy a scarab bag in the store and i cant beat muscle foot either

  4. Where is the Earthwalker Queen?

  5. The test of strength is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!:(

  6. I am stuck in the prison, without my staff. please tell me how to get my staff from the sleeping guard

    • go into the room with the fan.Then put the bomb in the middle and stand on the switch and wait for it to explode.then open your menu for the sharpclaw costume

  7. How we pass the second test (beet the strong guys) in the lookfoot village not sure for the name thanks for your help

  8. its a cool game


    • well i have a hundred (ive been on it for a year now) scarabs mainly you just buy it in the store, you can also earn.

  10. star fox adventures is tight! i have beeten it a million times!!!!1

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