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Starfox Adventures

I am stuck on level three on Ice Mountain. I don’t know how to travel across the lava. Can you help? 

Games Guru: Do not go into the lava. Head right and you will see these two big plant thingamabobs. Hit them with your staff and feed them to Tricky. Now have Tricky dig in the crack and uncover a door switch. Have Tricky sit on the switch while you head in to find a small hole. Use your staff in the hole and a pillar will raise out of the lava. Cross the lava on that pillar.

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  1. Anonymous2 // July 22, 2008 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    you can beat the test of strength by rubbing the shaft of a pen back and forth across the A button rapidly

  2. bob–for the test of strength, i could never get it either. but if you put the controller between your feet, (laughs) then take both pointer fingers you can tap the ‘A’ button faster then him. it really works. or “button mash ” with one hand, whichever is easier for you.

    and for those of you struggling with the TEST OF FEAR: if it actually affects you seeing whats coming at you, put a pillow or blanket infront of the tv –all except for the top meter which you’ll need to see. it really works ;)

  3. i’m with Higz, how do you light the beacons after the first boss.

    yeah it has something to do wit hthe firetree, but all you ever do is get burnt when they fall ?!

  4. the earth walker queen is past those gaurds.

  5. on starfox adventures in lightfoot village I can’t beat the test of strength how do I win.

  6. Ultimatepokemonmaster // May 21, 2008 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Hello, I’m asking a question about the first Starfox game because there’s no Starfox thing that doesn’t make me give away my E-mail adress. Anyway, in the first Starfox game, how do I get more lives?

  7. Skywalker // May 20, 2008 at 7:35 pm // Reply

    Here is an easy way to beat the musclefoot guy Take an intec turbo controller hold A and turn on the turbo and keep holding a and eventually you will beat him

  8. in order to beat the test of strength you must let him push you to the edge and start slower and as you push away from the edge you have to push faster and you will build momentum enough to nock him into the hole.

  9. the test of strength is not possible please could u tell an easier way to do it

  10. please help! mostly everyones is stuck here the test of strenth in light foot village. no matter how much i tap A, i cant beat him. but thisshould help others. kk when u face the guy dont let him try his hardest. so when u get him to the tip of the hole dont let him try his hardest and shock u.even i havnt beat it yet but its just some advice

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