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How do I make the secret codes stay after I enter them?

Games Guru: You won’t be able to keep secret codes that you enter during the main menu in this game for the original PlayStation. The only way to keep codes on a memory card is to beat the Undercover Mode. This will unlock all codes, and you can save that to your memory card.

Comments about “Driver”

  1. anx says:

    driver 1, 2, and 3 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i play them alll the time!!!!!!

  2. bombdiggitty says:

    I have Driver 3 . I need cheats for ps2

  3. Stosh says:

    how do you play this Driver game??? Is it like Mariokart?

  4. stuck in drive says:

    Does anybody know any cheat codes?

  5. Overload says:

    It`s asoum but I`m stuck on wreck gercans car.Can anybutty give me any tips on how to beat that levle?Or atleast the coad to the next levle.I have game boy vershan.

  6. 2070 says:

    I think this webb site its asume

  7. born2drive says:

    driver 1 and 2 are all right, but i’ll say 1 thing about driver3… ITS THE BEST DRIVING GAME EVER, although it is rated M.

  8. black rocks says:

    on drver 3 at nice airport there is a hedge and you drive into (not with bike unless you have invincibility0

  9. Pete says:

    What do you do on “Driver?”

  10. gamer1101 says:

    My fiend played Driver 3 once, he said it was sooooo AWESOME!

  11. phil says:

    driver is one of my favorite games

  12. legorocks says:

    no 1 game

  13. wheelman says:

    i love driver i played when i was three. i beat all missions.

  14. Anonymous says:

    it is alsom

  15. Jimmy Neutron says:

    yo! i could play dis allday!

  16. slinkey says:

    dis is a brillant game but driver 3 is better

  17. fresss says:

    I like these games as tthey are good for this one.And I also appriciates them for they are absolutely good

  18. klemen ačko says:

    laporje 100

  19. tl says:

    i like this game

  20. lt says:

    it is cool

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