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GoldenEye 007

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  1. ActionTrev says:

    The only 007 game I have is The World is Not Enough for PS1.

  2. G says:

    how do you get past the part where you have to protect Netaliya in control without cheats on secret agent? please help!

  3. kcpatri says:

    nice game. in multiplayer try alot of cheap shots ( shooting people without guns)

  4. person says:

    i really want this game!

  5. Natscout says:

    This game is for the N64 right? Because I remember going over to my friend’s house to play it, it was so much fun!!! :)

  6. ??!!! says:

    You know the second level?(where you need to enter the plane)If you play easy mode this is sooo quick.Do the level in I think under a minute and you unlock DK mode in the cheats section.My record is 9 seconds and my brother`s is 7 seconds.

  7. Dwadeformvp says:

    micath906 here’s the invincibility cheat

    Cheat: Invincibility
    You need release all the buttons in the sequence simultaneously before inputting the next sequence. Enter the code during the game; press start and enter:
    L + Down
    R + C-Right
    R + C-Up
    L + Right
    L + C-Down
    R + C-Up
    L + Rigth
    R + Down
    L + Left
    L + R + C-Right

    • jag31 says:

      there is an easier way to do the cheat. go to your pc and type in goldeneye for wii cheats. get the cheats and type the codes in the main menu

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the answer of how to beat the train level, i have only gotten 1of 3 objectives completed, Trevelan only lets you go so far into the room anyway.

  9. camaro says:

    the game is the coolest I hav all the cheats the rocket lancher is the coolest
    if you need help reply to camaro I will be checking

  10. micath906 says:

    anibody need help with streets?

  11. micath906 says: need your help for da Invincibility cheat.
    you don’t have to Reply to my txt…

  12. micath906 says:

    Dud any have complete cheats for AZTEC level?
    If you do… tell me them please.

  13. dwadeformvp says:

    007 of course there are cheats for this game! i dont know if there are any codes all i know is i got one from somebody my family knows and i have invincibility,invisibility,all guns,infinite ammo, dk mode (everyone has big heads),paintball mode (when you shoot a wall the bullet turns red, green,blue and so on) and many more cheats

  14. dwadeformvp says:

    to beat the train on easy you find small boxes near doors which are the brakes then you go to the back of the train where natalia is you have to fight quite a few people on the way anyway when you first walk in to the room with natalia you take an instant left where there should be a small flat box on the floor with metal locks on it, you take out bonds watch laser (which you shouldnt have used yet on the level yet) also trevelen will say something like “time is running out bond” and a timer for 1 minute will set you use the laser to break each of the locks on the box and natalia will do something on the computer after the box breaks there should be a hole in the floor where you jump through with natalia level done :) also when you get all the brake boxes broken it will obviously say objective a completed and the train will skid to a halt Hope i could help!

  15. pikachu333 says:

    what do you do in the bonus level? is it really cool?

  16. pikachu333 says:

    what kinds of things do you do in aZtec?

  17. BAT BOT says:

    To Jedi, To get past the second level you need to know that the tanks are NOT battle tanks! They are in the room 006 is in. You need to put 1 mine on each one.(P.S do NOT shoot the guy in black!) When you have the mines set a alarm will go of. don;t shoot any one. Instead go on the conbeyer belt but don;t go through the black spot yet.when you;r on the conbeyer belt blow up the mines. Green gas wiil come out.(P.S do NOT go through the gas) Once you blow up the mines go through the black spot I talked about earlier.When you go through the level will end.TA!DA!

  18. Pedroisgod says:

    Heard this was one of the best games ever for it’s time

  19. (J)OHN (D)eere says:

    The secreat level is called aZtec it’s awesome

  20. 007 says:

    Is there any cheats for this game?

  21. 007 says:

    Is there any girls that play this?and does any one have codes for me?

  22. 007 says:

    My dad is a fan of James bond.He plays the game.Sometimes I play.

  23. game winner says:

    the lasers are fun with all cheats on

  24. boredallday says:

    This looks fun but its really old. (PS1, N64, DC era) Agent Under Fire is better. :-)

  25. pikachu333 says:

    thanks, kilman951. but that’s going to be hard.

  26. Lil Heat says:

    how do i get invincible code while playin da game

  27. kilman951 says:

    this is to pikachu333. That black picture that you saw was a bonus level. You can only get to it by beating every level on easy, medium, and hard.

  28. pikachu333 says:

    wait a second, you guys are talking about going into a gold room, right? well, all you guys say you get a golden gun in there. I got mine when I killed 006. is there like a secret level or… after the last level, on the level select screen, I see a black picture. is that like a secret level? if it is, tell me how to get it? thank you!

  29. pikachu333 says:

    your right,Ruben!

  30. pikachu333 says:

    Marsh Man,all you do is shoot him whenever he stops.Your Welcome. GarrettL. (Thats my real name)

  31. pikachu333 says:

    if anyone needs help, just ask me. I finished this game about 6 pikachu333

  32. pikachu333 says:

    This is for shoot or blow up the tanks and run to the door nearby and go throu it.dont stopto talk to the man.well,talk to him until it says MISSON COMPLEATE. Your welcome.

  33. pikachu333 says:

    when you get to the genrle in the train level,All you do is shoot him.I know becuse I finished the game.

  34. ruben says:

    i got the cheat coodes for the n64 there fun lots of fun! go james bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. toot says:

    how do you become jnvisible

  36. Anonymous says:

    how do you get to the game?

  37. Luke skywalk says:

    How do I beat the train level.

  38. hulk says:

    i’m stuck on the train levle

  39. hulk says:

    to beat the 2 levle put all 5 mines on 1row of the gas tanks then blow the mines up tern to your right you see a door go to open that door and you beat levle 2

  40. hellfighter 17 says:

    Since I recently beat the game(got it 3 weeks ago)I think I may be able to help out.First off,getting the golden gun:once you enter the room with the golden,step on the first tile after the narrow hallway.then go 2 tiles left,2 tiles up,3 tiles right,2 up,1 left,1 up,1 left,2 up,and 1 right.After that you can obtain the golden gun.As for defeating baron samedi(the creepy guy in the last level)just shoot the first two fakes,then go for the real one.Aim carefully,because we all know that he moves to much.

  41. Snake says:

    golden eye was too easy i already beat lots of times

  42. James says:

    Ahhhhhh…. An N64 game. I used to have one.

  43. willie says:

    how do I beat the train level?

  44. Jedi says:

    I am stuck at Lev.2 where there are tanks that you blow with mines and I can not get out. Any anwers? If you have one put a comment if you are on Boys` Thank you :)

  45. Hickey says:

    How do you get the Golden gun on the last level?

  46. Marsh Man says:

    HOw to you kill the guy Inthe last level??

  47. the big mojo says:

    you probably already found out but if I’m thinking the same thing as you I might be able to help ya out. When your going down the stairs you go right theyr’ll be some stuff but you can get past it.

  48. Halo 35. says:

    I not sure sorry

  49. bart says:

    how do you get to the seccond part level one

  50. Beethoven says:

    How do you beat the 8th level in Goldeneye 007?

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