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GoldenEye 007

How do you beat the level Statues in one player?

Games Guru: You have a number of objectives in this level. It ends when you locate the flight recorder, but you’ll have a number of battles before you get to that point.

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10 Comments on GoldenEye 007

  1. if anyone needs help, just ask me. I finished this game about 6 pikachu333

  2. This is for shoot or blow up the tanks and run to the door nearby and go throu it.dont stopto talk to the man.well,talk to him until it says MISSON COMPLEATE. Your welcome.

  3. when you get to the genrle in the train level,All you do is shoot him.I know becuse I finished the game.

  4. i got the cheat coodes for the n64 there fun lots of fun! go james bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how do you become jnvisible

  6. how do you get to the game?

  7. Luke skywalk // August 28, 2008 at 5:27 pm // Reply

    How do I beat the train level.

  8. i’m stuck on the train levle

  9. to beat the 2 levle put all 5 mines on 1row of the gas tanks then blow the mines up tern to your right you see a door go to open that door and you beat levle 2

  10. hellfighter 17 // April 13, 2008 at 12:25 am // Reply

    Since I recently beat the game(got it 3 weeks ago)I think I may be able to help out.First off,getting the golden gun:once you enter the room with the golden,step on the first tile after the narrow hallway.then go 2 tiles left,2 tiles up,3 tiles right,2 up,1 left,1 up,1 left,2 up,and 1 right.After that you can obtain the golden gun.As for defeating baron samedi(the creepy guy in the last level)just shoot the first two fakes,then go for the real one.Aim carefully,because we all know that he moves to much.

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