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GoldenEye 007

How do you beat the level Statues in one player?

Games Guru: You have a number of objectives in this level. It ends when you locate the flight recorder, but you’ll have a number of battles before you get to that point.

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10 Comments on GoldenEye 007

  1. Is there any girls that play this?and does any one have codes for me?

  2. My dad is a fan of James bond.He plays the game.Sometimes I play.

  3. the lasers are fun with all cheats on

  4. This looks fun but its really old. (PS1, N64, DC era) Agent Under Fire is better. :-)

  5. thanks, kilman951. but that’s going to be hard.

  6. how do i get invincible code while playin da game

  7. this is to pikachu333. That black picture that you saw was a bonus level. You can only get to it by beating every level on easy, medium, and hard.

  8. wait a second, you guys are talking about going into a gold room, right? well, all you guys say you get a golden gun in there. I got mine when I killed 006. is there like a secret level or… after the last level, on the level select screen, I see a black picture. is that like a secret level? if it is, tell me how to get it? thank you!

  9. your right,Ruben!

  10. Marsh Man,all you do is shoot him whenever he stops.Your Welcome. GarrettL. (Thats my real name)

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