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Skylanders: Swap Force

My brother wants to know the answer to the following question: “When and where is Kick Off Countdown coming out?”

Games Guru: It looks cool, right? It should come out around the time of the World Cup next year. Until then, Countdown isn’t too shabby.

Comments about “Skylanders: Swap Force”

  1. Trap Shadow says:

    Also, I’m the real skylander Trap Shadow. I’ll sign autographs later, have to go beat Kaos. Later!

  2. Trap Shadow says:

    the last level is so cool!! There’s an evilized kaos and he’s giant and it’s awesome!!

  3. Kaos says:

    Kaos’s mom is funny

  4. d-boy says:

    any one can do it in two days i beaten both of the games in to days

  5. stev says:

    In this game, you can get kinds of skylanders and take off the top of 2, and switch them around.

  6. JOGA says:

    the game is cool i have 4 skylanders

  7. Maxmax1374 says:

    can the new portal of power work in syro’s Adventure and giants

  8. freeze blade says:

    The gam is awesome you can jump and there is new dual elemental gates. But in one chapter there is this creepy woman named Mesmerelda

  9. freeze shadow says:

    The game is awesome and they can know jump and there is dual portals.

  10. j-dog says:

    asome game

  11. Eon (jk) says:

    Chapters are TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

  12. HOOT LOOP says:

    How do you beat abolished Make?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????

  13. mike says:


  14. Jay says:

    do skylanders lock on your portal

  15. pro roller says:

    this game is so awesome

  16. me says:

    so far have 51 skylanders total

  17. QWERTY says:


  18. PORTAL MASTER says:

    Do not know

  19. S.W.A.P. says:

    Beat game less than 1 week.

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