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Skylanders: Swap Force

How do I get past Super Evil Kaos without dying?

Games Guru: First, try playing it on Easy. I don’t know what’s killing you during the battle but remember:
1) Jump over the shock waves
2) Break all his toenails
3) Attack his teeth after he sucks you in. Jump over the shock waves. Kill the enemies he releases.
4) In his brain, dodge the missiles and attack the crystals.
5) Defeat the sheep; destroy more crystals.
6) When he sneezes you out, run to the right and try to get to the cannon. When he winds up for a big purple blast, stop running. Hop over the blast. Keep doing this until you reach the cannon. Now follow the button prompts to win big — without dying.

My brother wants to know the answer to the following question: “When and where is Kick Off Countdown coming out?”

Games Guru: It looks cool, right? It should come out around the time of the World Cup next year. Until then, Countdown isn’t too shabby.

Comments about “Skylanders: Swap Force”

  1. Trap rapper says:

    I beat it in 1!(showoff)

  2. stump smash says:

    how do you defeat count moneybone the second time?

  3. gill grunt says:

    i beat the the first level

  4. natgamer22 says:

    this game shoud have open world

  5. I don't care what trap shadow says:

    LOL I was playing with my friend I had to use the bathroom so I grabbed my skylander and suddenly I hear “IMPOSSIBLE!” LOL :D

  6. wowzaz says:

    I’m batulk, a swap between batman and hulk

  7. Trap Shadow says:

    Also, I’m the real skylander Trap Shadow. I’ll sign autographs later, have to go beat Kaos. Later!

  8. Trap Shadow says:

    the last level is so cool!! There’s an evilized kaos and he’s giant and it’s awesome!!

  9. Kaos says:

    Kaos’s mom is funny

  10. d-boy says:

    any one can do it in two days i beaten both of the games in to days

  11. stev says:

    In this game, you can get kinds of skylanders and take off the top of 2, and switch them around.

  12. JOGA says:

    the game is cool i have 4 skylanders

  13. Maxmax1374 says:

    can the new portal of power work in syro’s Adventure and giants

  14. freeze blade says:

    The gam is awesome you can jump and there is new dual elemental gates. But in one chapter there is this creepy woman named Mesmerelda

  15. freeze shadow says:

    The game is awesome and they can know jump and there is dual portals.

  16. j-dog says:

    asome game

  17. Eon (jk) says:

    Chapters are TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HOOT LOOP says:

    How do you beat abolished Make?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????

  19. mike says:


  20. Jay says:

    do skylanders lock on your portal

  21. pro roller says:

    this game is so awesome

  22. me says:

    so far have 51 skylanders total

  23. QWERTY says:


  24. PORTAL MASTER says:

    Do not know

  25. S.W.A.P. says:

    Beat game less than 1 week.

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