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Super Mario 3D Land

I’ve heard rumors of a secret level unlocked by getting 5 stars on your profile, but I don’t think it’s true. Is it true, or is it false? Also, is it possible to beat level 7-2 in less than 6 seconds?

Games Guru: Yes. It’s true. In fact, here’s a video to prove it. But watch out. It contains spoilers. And I think you mean level 7-1. Here it is, beaten in six seconds:

Comments about “Super Mario 3D Land”

  1. mose says:

    it has to be fun

  2. ion jon says:

    I wonder how to jump on the big galoombas

  3. Redpuffleguy says:

    Poll Time! What’s your favorite boss?

    A) Tank boss 1
    B) Train boss 1
    C) Tank boss 2
    D) Bowser car 1
    E) Train boss 2

  4. marioguy says:

    duh the secret final level is real

  5. Gandalf says:

    How do you get the super star in level 5-2?

  6. Mr. Nick Shield says:

    Fer Pete’s sake!!!! man!! just practice and yu’ll get better.

  7. player says:

    my brother has it on 3ds

  8. Cabee says:

    does it come with xbox 360

  9. Hammad80 says:

    You can get 5 stars on your profile.

  10. Hammad80 says:

    Awesome game! Must buy.

  11. hunkey man says:

    i have the game i’m good and bad at it ):

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