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GoldenEye Rouge Agent

I’m on the second part of Hong Kong—how do I beat the buildings?

Games Guru: It sounds as if you have made it to the end of Hong Kong and are fighting the boss. Congratulations. Here are some pointers: Before making it to Hong Kong, you got a new ability that lets you hack into enemy computers and systems. In this very tough battle, you can use the ability to open some of the panels. Stay away from the helicopters and you should be able to kill every last enemy in the buildings.

Comments about “GoldenEye Rouge Agent”

  1. 008 says:

    Any cheats for PS2

  2. lonewolf21 says:

    i played rogue agent and beat it now it said assesed denye what does it mean

  3. fjhgdfjhg says:

    awsome game,one of the better fps games for the gamecube

  4. stuey says:

    i need cheats to get guns

  5. BIGGY says:


  6. SPIDEY says:


  7. SPIDEY says:


  8. ding dang says:

    i need cheats

  9. drewy96 says:

    i have beaten this games millions of times need any help ask

  10. hott says:

    What is the cheat code for the p7?

  11. musicman says:

    Jordy_7 how do you get the p7

  12. bob says:

    for a p7 to in a champain, r (3) , black, black , white, black,l(2), black

  13. Jon says:

    Guys i beat the game 10 times if you need any help just ask.

  14. caleeb99 says:

    any advise.and all the guys have armor.

  15. caleeb99 says:

    I`ve had goldeneye since 06 and i`m stuck on the casino level

  16. .................... says:

    1.use shield 2.use grenade 3. get some cheats of the internet and use them

  17. .................... says:

    how do u get a p7

  18. Golden-Hen says:

    I ‘m stresed out! I cant beat the 9 th level. It’s hard for me because the guys are coming at you to fast and some of them have heavy armor on. Got any tips?

  19. Jordy_7 says:

    i know cheats to get a gun called the P7 it is a machine gun that can switch modes into a rocket launcher and then into a pistol it has infinite ammo

  20. James Bond says:

    I wonder if this game even makes sense to the Bond franchise. Yeah, i do agree with kershaw12. SAVAGE!!!

  21. kershaw12 says:

    the game is savage

  22. scout007 says:

    I just bought the game and was wondering if you had any advise ?

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