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Medal of Honor: Vanguard

Where are all the weapon upgrades in the Wii version?

Games Guru: Find a specific power-up in each stage. Here are a few hints.

Mission 1: Parachute and aim to land on the western cliff. The upgrade is not far from the boxes, near the flashlight.

Mission 2: Go into the small building at the courtyard’s entrance. It’s on the counter.

Mission 6: Parachute and aim to land on the tower that has green gas coming from it. Find the upgrade on the top floor.

Mission 10: Go inside the tunnel and to the end of the first corridor. Look behind the box there.

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  1. Scouting101 says:

    I’m thinking about buying this game and I was wondering if it is bloody at all. My Dad won’t let me get something to realistic. Is it bloody or gory or is it just shoot a guy, he dies, then disappears sort of thing.

  2. badboy123 says:

    misson 1 is easy but last is super hard (ex:your alone)

  3. Guy says:

    You missed 2 upgrades actually. They are is mission 9 and mission 7. In mission 7, its in the first bunker in the room with the Mg42 ( stationary weapon) It would be on the right as you enter that room. In mission 9 at the beginning when you jump out of the plane, there is a green smoke signal at the debris in the water. There will be an upgrade on the one of plane parts at the site.


    bad game

  5. game guy 3 says:

    i’ve been wondering the same thing just got it for my b-day

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